Hello Kitty Is Now On YouTube To Entertain And Inspire

Hello Kitty never gets old. Like literally. She's like Elmo; she will be a little kid until the end of time pretty much. Many xennial and millennial parents (especially moms) grew up collecting Hello Kitty merchandise like stationary and accessories. Hello Kitty has never gone out of style; just recently, Pottery Barn Teen released a whole gilded Hello Kitty line of bedding and bedroom accessories. She has also been an animated television star and icon to many. And now she has another credit to add to her resume...vlogger. That's right, our favorite little lady (who is a girl, not a cat) has launched her own YouTube channel.

While Hello Kitty is no stranger to social media (she has an Instagram account and plays around on Snapchat) she hadn't yet explored the busy world of YouTube. In her intro video, she explains that she's been telling everyone at Sanrio, the Japanese company that owns the rights and created Hello Kitty and her friends, that's she's wanted to be on YouTube for a long time and get to know everyone out there in the vlogosphere.

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She also talks about how long her career has been and admits to Googling herself. With such a long career, she obviously needed to diversify her portfolio. NBC News also reported that Sanrio's sales fell 13 percent in 2017, which may not seem like a lot, but is when it comes to sales.

In the very cute intro video, Hello Kitty is in what is presumably her bedroom, (which looks very grown up for a third grader) and explains to her fans new and old what caused her delay to arriving to YouTube. Her management was apparently hesitant to expand her brand to creating YouTube content. "Sanrio and my management were, like, tense," she says. And as any shrewd businesswoman must do sometimes, she eventually had to tell them that she was the one in the charge and she was expanding her branding. "Doing all that I wanna do has made me what I am today," she explains.

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Just a head's up, the video is in Japanese, though it does have subtitles. If your kiddo is too young to read, they will likely still be attracted to the sound of her high pitched voice. And she's still her adorable little self.

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