10 Things Helicopter Parents Are Doing Right

A lot of people would agree that helicopter parents get a bad wrap, both in their communities and online. That’s because there’s a misconception that all helicopter parents do is hover around their children all day while doing everything for them. But that’s not necessarily true. As a matter of fact, helicopter parents provide more emotional, financial and education support to their kids compared to other parents who might not be as involved with their kids.

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With that said, here are ten different ways that helicopter parents are getting things right. Some of these you might agree with, some you might not. Either way, let us know what you think!

10 They Check Their Kids’ Phones

Believe it or not, a recent survey suggests that less than 20 percent of parents check their children’s phones every day. But that’s not the case with helicopter parents because more often than not they check their children’s phones and other electronic devices on a daily basis.

They know it’s as important to stay involved and be in the loop with their children’s lives, both online and offline. They are also very honest and open with their children about the dangers that come with social media while also making sure that their children’s accounts always remain private. Helicopter parents know how to keep their kids safe online.

9 They Are Involved In School

A lot of people might have noticed that it’s usually the helicopter parents who are hyper-involved in their children’s schools. And while some people might think that this is encroaching too much into their children’s lives outside of the home, others think it’s not only beneficial but also gives kids an advantage.

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Believe it or not, many children and especially in the elementary school years, love seeing their parents during the school hours. It helps them feel safe and secured if not a little proud that mom and dad are helping out in the classroom or the cafeteria, too.

8 They Provide More Emotional Support

Helicopter parents are there both emotionally and physically. They often provide more emotional support compared to other parents. That’s because they not only ask a lot of questions every day, but they also provide answers, give kids the help they need and also provide that feeling of security that so many kids long for. In other words, they communicate.

They want to know who their children’s friends are, who is in their social circle and how they feel every day they come home after school. When the going gets rough, they are also always there to pick their kids up when they are feeling down.

7 Kids Have Higher Life Satisfaction

Many kids who grew up with helicopter parents turn into adults that have higher life satisfaction. Sure, they might have had someone to help guide them every step of the way, but at least they also provided a road map, too. Kids that have parents who were super involved in their childhood years turn out to be happier adults later on in their lives.

They are also less likely to complain, have a better relationship and more enjoyable careers. And yes, they like to call and check in with their mom during their lunch break hour during the mid-week chaos too. Is that such a bad thing?

6 Kids Also Have A Clearer Sense Of Self

When you have a parent who helps guide you through the good times and the bad, there’s a stronger possibility that you might grow up having a clearer sense of self. Why? Because helicopter parents are also goal-oriented parents.

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They want their kids to achieve not only success in their lives but to also reach their highest potential. Helicopter parents provide the ladder, but they expect their children to climb it until they reach the very top. For many kids, it’s a great feeling knowing that if you fall, either your mom or your dad will be there at the bottom to pick you up.

5 And More Self-Awareness

Because helicopter parents are literally over their kids every second of the day, their children grow up to be more self aware of their actions, the things they say and of course the things they do. Sure, having a parent just a few inches away from you during every waking moment of the day might be annoying (especially if you are a tween or a teen) but there are some advantages to it.

Helicopter parents force their kids to take a better look at themselves and also make them more aware of who they are and how their actions impact those around them.

4 Better And More Caring Attitudes

If you have someone who supports and loves you every step of the way as a child, there’s a good chance that you might turn into someone who shows others support later in life, too. As a matter of fact, children who have helicopter parents turn out to have more caring attitudes.

They are more in tune with their emotions and have more social skills than their peers, believe it or not. That’s because their parents’ hyper-awareness rubbed off on them but in a good way of course! They also turn out to be better friends because of this, too.

3 Instilling Good Values

Helicopter parents are very adamant about teaching their children the difference between right and wrong from a very young age. As a result, many help instill good values in their children. They know how to say please and thank you and have better manners than their peers. Why?

Because there’s always a helicopter parent there to remind them how to behave and show respect to not only adults but everyone around them. Parents who are always with their kids also have kids who are more mature and adequately prepared for the real world. Plus, there’s also a chance that children of helicopter parents might repay their moms and dads by one day taking care of them, too.

2 They Help Build Positive Relationships

There are many children who grow up thinking that they are unseen, unsupported and confused. But if you have a helicopter parent, they pave the way for you to have better and even more positive relationships in your life.

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Because many kids feel so connected to their helicopter parents, they end up having lifelong friends and family members who are always there for them, through the good times and the bad. There’s also less isolation among these kids as they have a better sense of community thanks to their parents, relatives, teachers, and close friends. Simply put, helicopter parenting promotes happiness.

1 Stronger Bond Between Parent And Child

It’s been said that millennial kids have a good sense of security and framework, knowing that their parents always have their back. And yes, there’s a very strong bond between parent and child thanks to helicopter parenting. Many more kids are honest about their struggles, their fears and their worries with their parents now than ever before.

Sure, they might sometimes be over-scheduled and over observed, but they also don’t struggle as much emotionally as children of past generations have. As a result, kids are rebelling less because they feel more connected to their families, and doing the right thing. If that’s not a reason to celebrate, right?

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