Helicopter Parenting: The Pros And Cons

Everyone has different methods when it comes to raising their children, and that is why there are so many different parenting styles. One style of parenting that has been discussed many times lately is helicopter parenting.

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Some people think it is great, and others are not big fans of it. There are some good reasons to take part in this style of parenting, but there are also reasons why some parents should consider going with a different method entirely.

This type of parenting tends to have lasting effects on the children that are subjected to it. Here are some of the pros and cons of helicopter parenting.

10 Pro: The Parents Seem To Be Happier

It seems that some people who have chosen to take part in this parenting style are actually happier than those who picked a different style. There are a few reasons why that could be the case.

Helicopter parents are very strict, and they basically never let their children take part in things that they do not know about. Perhaps they are happier simply because they always know where their children are, what they are doing, and who they are doing it with.

It is easy to see why they would feel a bit more comfortable than other parents do. Worrying about their child getting into trouble is stressful for any parent.

9 Con: The Child Might Have Little Confidence

Parents who want to raise a child that is confident in themselves probably should not pick this style of parenting. Apparently, these parents really make their child feel bad about themselves if they are too critical, which is understandable.

Little ones who grow up in this kind of environment are not very likely to have much self-confidence because they are always trying to live up to the expectations of their parents, which are usually very high. This could make the child feel as though they will never be good enough, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people do not like this kind of parenting.

8 Pro: Parents Always Know What Is Going On

Being a parent is hard, so it makes things a bit easier on parents if they feel as though they always have some control over what their kids are doing. It makes them believe that their children do not take part in anything that they do not know about.

But the downside is that most children do some things that their parents do not know about, whether they have strict parents or not. That makes this parenting a little bit pointless, but it gives the parents some peace of mind anyway, which is always a good thing since raising children is not easy.

7 Con: It Is Possible That These Kids Are More Likely To Take Medication

No one wants to imagine that their child might grow up to become someone who has to take medication to have a healthy mental state, but that is something that can happen to anyone who has been raised in that kind of household.

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Being raised by parents who are always wanting to know every little thing about their child can be extremely stressful and negative, and the effects of it can be something that person has to deal with for years to come. That is part of the reason why kids who have helicopter parents have higher chances of needing certain medications than children who do not.

6 Pro: Kids Are Able To Learn From Their Parents Mistakes

Kids who have helicopter parents have a higher chance of learning from the mistakes that they have seen their parents make, which can be a really good thing. This is both good and bad, though, since it means that the childs’ parents are clearly making some mistakes when it comes to raising their child.

The reason why these kids can have a good chance to learn from what they have seen their parents do is because their parents are constantly spending time with them, or tracking them. This means their kids can probably see what kind of mistakes they are making, and they can do things differently when they have their own children.

5 Con: It Could Cause Children To Act Out A Bit

Kids who are growing up in a situation like this might end up rebelling, or acting out against their parents at some point in the future because they are trying to figure out who they are as a person. Little ones who have parents like that are not able to find out what they like and dislike when they are younger because their parents are always telling them what to do, and controlling every bit of their lives.

This is not something that always happens, but it is likely. Perhaps the child will only do something small, or they could rebel in a much bigger way.

4 Pro: People Who Grow Up Like This Are Reliable

Children who have really strict parents that are always pushing them to do their best usually grow up to become incredibly reliable people. There are not very many pros to helicopter parenting, but this is something that definitely makes that style of parenting look a lot better.

The reason why this is the case is because these kids grow up around parents who are always putting pressure on them when it comes to showing up early to events that they are committed to, or getting the best grades that they possibly can. Kids who have helicopter parents are not typically lazy people.

3 Con: Little Ones Might Not Be Very Independent

If a parent chooses to raise their this like this, then they should probably be prepared for their kid to have some trouble when they have to live on their own. Kids like this usually end up depending on their parents a lot, which could continue after they become adults.

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It is also possible that these people could become dependent on other people when they become adults, which is not ever a good thing. Every person needs to be able to take care of themselves, and make their own decisions. People need to know what it is like to not have to depend on others.

2 Pro: These Kids Are Less Likely To Get Into Serious Trouble When They Are Growing Up

Society is really dangerous these days, and kids who always have their parents hovering over them (figuratively speaking) seem to be less likely to get into any trouble when they are young. That is because their parents always seem to know what is going on as far as their kid goes.

Children do need to have some freedom, as that is crucial for learning, as well as honing some of their social skills. But when kids always have a parent like this, they are probably not going to get themselves into any bad situations, which is definitely a great thing.

1 Con: Kids Could Become Sneaky

One of the worst things about helicopter parenting is that it can produce children who feel as though they have to become sneaky human beings. They are afraid of getting in trouble with their parents, so they become people who constantly hide things about themselves.

Kids might end up hiding the truth about something they did, or they could get their hands on something that they are not allowed to have, and hide it somewhere. No matter what they do, becoming sneaky like this is generally not a good quality for a person to have, and it certainly won’t help them keep good friends, or a decent spouse.

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