10 Signs You May Be A Helicopter Parent

Some say Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are showing all the signs of budding Helicopter Parents as far as baby Archie is concerned. What does that mean? Well, they are over-protective and intensely involved. Sure, we all want the best for our kids, but Helicopter Parents take it to the extreme.

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Witness Helicopter Dad on the sidelines shouting at soccer coaches and referees. Or there's Helicopter Mom constantly phoning her child's teacher with complaints. And the kids? Often they are embarrassed and upset by their parents' over-protective behavior. Here are 10 tongue-in-cheek signs that you might have Helicopter Parent tendencies.

10 You Hang Around All The Time

You take your daughters to a birthday party, park the car, go in and stay the whole time. Maybe your daughter is invited for a sleepover and so you pack your pajamas and go too. Helicopter Parents have a big problem with leaving their children anywhere. They feel they need to be with them all the time, to make certain everything is okay.

It can make the Helicopter Kid feel anxious. Sure you need to check the arrangements for a party or a sleepover. But leave it at that and stay home.

9 You Want The World To Go Away

The Helicopter Parent views the outside world as the enemy. It holds threats, danger, and trouble. So, as much as they can, they try to shut out the outside world. If they could, they would wrap their kids in bubble wrap and stay with them all the time.

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Always hovering, always worrying, always over-protective, the Helicopter Mom or Dad feels they can never rest in their crusade. They believe that they are the only ones who can keep their child safe and that no one else is up to the job. Sad, really.

8 You Are Obsessive About Safety

Kids take risks. It's just what kids do. But the Helicopter Parent is obsessive about safety. They will say "Don't climb that", "Hold my hand", "Let me strap you into the swing". Sure, your child might get a few cuts and scrapes, but it's all part of growing up and learning.

And there's another point: Freaking out about safety probably means your kid can't do what his friends do day in and day out. And that's not a good thing. They may well feel left out and isolated.

7 Soccer Mom And Dad From Hell

You've seen them on the sidelines at soccer games and sitting on the bottom row of the bleachers at baseball games. They shout at the coach for not giving their son or daughter enough playtime or for what they see as a terrible game plan. They scream insults at the officials for decisions they don't agree with.

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Sometimes it's only yelling and screaming. But sometimes fistfights break out. In extreme cases, mom and/or dad can get banned from games. It was funny in Kicking & Screaming. But in real life? Forget it.

6 My Kid Do Chores? No Way

Any parent who has tried to get their kids to do chores knows how hard it is. But what about the Helicopter Parent? Their child doing chores is a no-no.

Maybe their precious little child is not old enough, even if the kid is 15-years-old. Or perhaps their little boy or girl is just too tired out from their efforts at school. The Helicopter Parent will do just about everything for them, from cooking to cleaning and laundry. Most kids wouldn't say no to that deal. But, sadly, they don't learn about responsibility.

5 Field Trip? I Don't Think So

Those magic words: Field Trip. Get on a bus, go to a zoo or an adventure park and have lots of fun. Most parents are all for it. And the kids come back very tired. But for the Helicopter Parent, the field trip is a menacing affair. Why? Because their kid is completely out of their control.

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Mom or dad refuses to sign the permission slip and the poor teacher has to deal with a tearful student. Sometimes Helicopter Parents will only let their kids go on field trips if they go too. Embarrassing? Yes.

4 Triple Date Prom

Everybody remembers their first junior or high school prom. You bought a dress you loved, maybe had your hair and makeup specially done. Your date rented a tuxedo and bought you a wrist corsage. It was wonderful. The freedom that night brought was glorious.

But for the Helicopter Parent, the prom is the enemy. It means their little boy or little girl is out of their hovering range. The solution? The Helicopter Parent goes too. And you can bet they keep a close eye out on things. Poor boyfriend.

3 It's Not Good Enough

Parents want their kids to succeed. That goes without saying. If your child comes home with a B Plus on an essay, you would probably be thrilled, put it up on the refrigerator door even. But for the Helicopter Parent, a B Plus can equal failure.

Like Snape in Harry PotterHelicopter Parents have strict rules about the way things must be. Their kid must be the best. Sometimes they blame the teacher. Sometimes they make the kid feel inadequate. Poor kid.

2 Take A Nap. I'll Do The Homework

Let's face it. Helping your child with their homework is just about the only way of making certain it gets done. And it can be a chore. The idea of actually doing the homework for them seems crazy to most parents.

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The Helicopter Parent sees it as his or her duty to stay up until midnight rewriting a book report or correcting that math homework. He or she would tell themselves that the book was too high a reading level or the math was too advanced. The Helicopter Parents covets an A Plus. Nothing less will do.

1 You Baby Older Children

If you were a teenage boy and your mother tucked a napkin in your shirt, what would you think? From the look on this guy's face, he's wishing it would go away. We're betting she's got training wheels on his bike, never lets him go on field trips and does his homework for him.

Teenagers are at a delicate stage in life. They get upset at the drop of a hat. Helicopter Parents often don't realize how embarrassing their behavior is, especially if it is around their child's friends or teacher. Give him a break, mom.

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