Science Says The Height Of Your Belly Button May Affect Your Athletic Ability

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The height, width, shape, and even depth of a belly button might have an effect on a person’s athletic ability. While belly buttons have nothing to do with genetics, it does have a certain effect on people, especially when it comes to the way you move on land and in the water.

According to a Duke University study cited in The Atlantic, the shape of a person’s belly button might determine if they have a better ability in certain sports than other people. Research claims that people with low-lying belly buttons might actually be better swimmers than their peers while those with belly buttons that sit a little higher are actually good runners.

While science can’t really confirm what makes a good swimmer or a runner, the study suggests that it all boils down to gravity and where your navel is located. A belly button that is situated a little above the center helps propel a person faster while a lower center belly button helps create bigger waves in the water, thus allowing swimmers to race faster in the pool.

Now, as far as what is behind your belly button remains a mystery. There are also many people who don’t have a belly button at all. According to the BBC, there are plenty of people who are born with no belly button due to a condition called gastroschisis, and others missing belly buttons might be the result of various types of abdominal.

Luckily, many adults can have cosmetic surgery done in order for their belly buttons to look more aesthetically pleasing if this is something that bothers them. Most of us likely don’t pay too much attention to that area of our body, or our kids after their umbilical cord falls of. But now that we know the shape of one can hold a clue for what type of sports we should enroll our kids into, we might look more often now -- just kidding, kind of.

For those looking to celebrate their often forgotten about a body part, there’s a place where people can celebrate their belly buttons each year. The town of Furano, Japan holds a Belly Button Festival each year during the summer time. During the two-day event, residents and travelers hang decorations and sell souvenirs that celebrate all things belly button. There are even thousands of dancers with faced painted on their stomachs.

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