Twitch Took Down Clips Of This Streamer Breastfeeding Her Baby

A woman breastfed her baby during a live stream, and the platform promptly deleted the clips. Viewers are left wondering how nursing a child violates the ban on sexually explicit content.

Heather Kent streams on the Twitch platform under the username HeatheredEffect. She was recently streaming with a friend and fellow model. The two were discussing the time where they had both auditioned for Sports Illustrated.

Heather normally streams after her kids' bedtime, but her friend needed to make her visit during the daytime. One of Heather's children is 1-year-old Margaux. Margaux is still nursing and the stream happened to coincide with her feeding schedule.

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Without batting an eye, Heather began nursing Margaux. She continued the chat as she breastfed, helping her daughter relatch a few times. As a mom of four kids, breastfeeding is something she hardly thinks about.

Heather's followers did not have a problem with her feeding her young daughter while streaming. However, things started to heat up when a friend of hers reposted the clips with the title, "Normalize Breastfeeding".

Soon after this, Twitch deleted the clips. Right away, Heather called them out on Twitter. She had checked the guidelines, and the platform said it prohibits nudity and sexual content. Examples of banned content listed include pornography and sexual services. Clearly, breastfeeding is not under that umbrella.

Heather also pointed out that Twitch previously streamed an episode of Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood that featured a close up of a baby latching onto its mother's nipple.

Twitch ultimately allowed the clips, but never gave her an apology or any explanation about why they were deleted in the first place.

Then, of course, there were trolls. Plenty of ignorant and judgmental commenters felt entitled to weigh in. One of the silliest comments made was, "think of the children". Um, okay, that is exactly what she is doing here.

Luckily, plenty of supporters stepped up with positive feedback as well.

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