This Perfect Winter Jacket Has A Built-In Heater


Sometimes just wearing a jacket during the cold weather months might not be enough to keep you warm. After all, no one likes to bundle up in multiple layers and still feel cold once they step outside in the freezing temperatures. Luckily, there’s a new jacket available and get this: it has a built-in heather to keep you warm, no matter where you are, or what you are doing for that matter.

A company named Ororo has come up with an innovative idea to keep people feeling nice, warm and snuggly everywhere they go. Their line of vests, coats, fleeces and sweatshirts all have rechargeable battery heating devices inside, making them the ideal way to keep warm this winter (without having to worry about your electricity bill at home).

From what we can tell, customers seem to be very happy with their Ororo gear, even though the battery only lasts up to eight hours. The jackets generate heat on both sides of your chest and across your mid-back. They are also machine washable and come with a one-year warranty, in case you have any doubts about them. If the weather isn’t that cold for a personal heater, you can still use their line of fleeces, jackets, so on without having to put the heaters on. The jacket has a soft-shell fabric exterior with fleece lining and a detachable hood.

Credit: Amazon

And the best part is that the entire collection is available on Amazon. The company has pieces for both men and women in multiple styles. For example, their Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket has a four-star rating with more than 304 reviews. The jacket has a soft-shell fabric exterior with fleece lining and a detachable hood.

Some of the Amazon reviews speak for themselves. One reviewer wrote, “I tend to be cold when others aren’t, so not only do I use it outside, but it’s become my secret weapon in cold conference rooms, at the movie theater, the grocery store, and other places where it’s too cold for me.”

Another fan tested out his jacket in none other than the Windy City, Chicago. “This jacket isn’t bulky at all yet completely windproof, which I tested downtown Chicago right next to Lake Michigan,” reads another. “I don’t think the battery is too heavy at all. It actually doesn’t bother me one bit. So very happy I purchased this.”

Credit: Amazon

Now, if only we could keep the winter temperatures from mild to moderate (and no more), it’s without a doubt that everyone will be happy this holiday season. But for now, charge that jacket! We will need one for ourselves.

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