10 Healthy Homemade Halloween Treats

Halloween means two things for little kids: sweet, delicious candy and fun costumes. Emphasis on the candy, of course. There's nothing like running around your neighborhood in the cool night air, with colorful leaves on the ground and the excitement of this October holiday that is so beloved.

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While trick-or-treating for candy bars, chocolate, and sour confections is enjoyable, it's also fun to spend some time in the kitchen and make some treats from scratch. Here are 10 healthy homemade Halloween treats that your kids will love.

10 Candy Corn

Candy corn is a classic Halloween dessert for a reason: it's much cooler than other typical sweet treats. Thanks to the orange and yellow colors, it's fun to look at, and it seems like it would be really enjoyable to make at home. It just seems to scream fall.

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This candy corn from One Green Planet is vegan and perfect for you and your kids this Halloween season. It's also free of gluten if your little ones follow a gluten-free diet. The ingredients include tapioca starch, brown rice syrup, vanilla, organic powdered sugar, and vanilla. The gorgeous colors come from natural food coloring as well, which is a bonus.

9 Gummy Worms

Is there anything more thrilling than a gummy worm when you're a little kid? Just the idea that you could eat something that you know is food but looks like a worm is so hilarious. It's one of the most fun types of candy.

You and your little ones can make gummy worms at home this Halloween, and it's another homemade treat that will be healthier than buying some from the grocery store. This recipe from The Daily Meal has lemon extract, vanilla, whipping cream, and grass-fed gelatin. It also has fruit juice, which is a healthier option than tons of white sugar.

8 Pumpkin Spice Coconut Butter Cups

Thanks to the Food Network, you and your kids can enjoy these Pumpkin Spice Coconut Butter Cups for Halloween. These look and sound incredible and seem like healthier chocolate peanut butter cups, which we all love.

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You'll need coconut butter, pumpkin spice, maple syrup, canned pumpkin puree, vanilla, salt, and extra-dark chocolate. These treats don't have any gluten in them, either, and are definitely healthier since they're made with great ingredients.

7 Paleo Mars Bars

Is there anything better than getting full-sized chocolate bars when you're a kid trick-or-treating? What a rhetorical question.

Okay, so the only thing better would be hanging out with your kids in the kitchen and making these Paleo Mars Bars from Little Bites of Beauty. Get into the Halloween spirit and whip up healthier candy bars that your kids will be so excited about. The caramel part is made from healthy dates and the nougat is made of carob powder, almond flour, and cashew butter. Yum.

6 Banana Ghosts

Called "Booooonana Ghosts," these homemade Halloween treats are from Hello Fresh and they mean getting into both the Halloween and the crafting spirit.

After cutting a banana into four pieces, you'll freeze each piece on a popsicle stick. Then you'll microwave white chocolate and coat each piece of fruit. Don't forget the chocolate chip eyes. Then you'll freeze the banana ghosts once again, creating a delicious and healthy frozen treat.

5 Sugar Cookies

These Vegan Halloween Sugar Cookies from Gretchen's Bakery are a great option when you want to bake a fall-themed dessert. It's always going to be healthier to make something homemade, and these are so cute to look at, too. Now that you've seen these, it seems impossible to let another Halloween pass without making them, right? The ghost and pumpkin shapes are so festive.

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Instead of eggs, the recipe uses Aquafaba (the brine of chickpeas) along with an egg replacer in the icing, so these cookies work if your family is vegan or doesn't eat eggs as well.

4 Vegan Butterfingers

These treats are for all the chocolate fans out there (so basically, everyone). These Vegan Butterfingers from Carrots and Flowers are perfect to make with your kids. They have maple syrup, vegan chocolate chips, corn flakes, dates, and chunky peanut butter.

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Chances are, if you mention making these with your children, they're going to jump at the chance and ask how soon you can get into the kitchen. And you'll know they're a healthier option, too.

3 Sour Gummy Bears

Bigger Bolder Baking has an awesome recipe for Homemade Sour Gummy Bears. The ingredients include frozen fruit, gelatin, lemon juice, and honey.

Your kids will be smiling and wide-eyed, amazed that you can actually make sour gummy candy at home. These are a fun activity and a perfect Halloween treat. (And of course, you might sneak a few, too...)

2 Apple Bites

Fab Lunch's recipe for Apple Bites couldn't be healthier since, of course, fruit is always a good option for hungry kids who want a snack. The best part about homemade Halloween treats is that you can really get artistic and create something amazing. This recipe is a great example of that.

Slivered almonds are the teeth that you see here, which is really fun. You can add strawberry jam or nut butter to them as well, creating a mouth. These are spooky and crafty and the perfect thing to make right now.

1 Caramel Apples

Nothing says fall like caramel apples, but if you don't love the idea of all the sugar in a traditional one and want to try a healthier option, this is a great recipe to check out.

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The Harvest Kitchen's recipe uses dates for the caramel, along with almond butter and some other awesome ingredients. You'll also toast some nuts and top the apples off with those, which will make them extra delicious. These treats are so healthy that you might just want to make them when Halloween has come and gone.

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