10 Healthy Foods (Almost) Any Kid Will Actually Like

Being happy about sitting down to a salad packed with vegetables or some sauteed kale and grilled salmon doesn't happen overnight. Many people would agree that they have to convince themselves to eat well a lot of the time.

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As moms know, it's tough to convince kids to eat healthily. Sure, parents can tell kids that they want to be strong or that they want to run around and play their favorite sport, but children are always going to want chicken fingers over cauliflower. Thankfully, there are some foods that have nutritional value and are also kid-friendly.

10 Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a healthy choice since it has protein and calcium. It's also really creamy and many people say that it tastes much better than regular yogurt. 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt has 22 grams of protein.

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Most kids will be more than happy to eat a bowl of Greek yogurt at breakfast or snack time, since parents can add granola and berries or some banana slices to it. If a kid is a really picky eater, you can even drizzle some honey over the yogurt to make it a bit more appetizing. Kids generally love eating yogurt, so this is a good pick.

9 Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another healthy food that almost all kids will actually like. Sure, there are some children who will say no to oatmeal, even if their moms dress it up with some delicious toppings. But many kids would definitely eat some oatmeal for breakfast if it has fruit and/or peanut butter on top of it.

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Oats are fairly sweet in flavor and have a soft texture when cooked, which will be easy for little ones to eat. Oats are also really healthy and have carbs, protein, iron, and calcium. Moms will smile knowing that and their kids will just ask for more PB and banana oats.

8 Bell Peppers

Many people think of oranges when they look for Vitamin C-rich foods, but bell peppers actually have a ton of Vitamin C, too. 10 strips of pepper, for example, have 95.4 mg of Vitamin C. When moms are searching for food that has nutritional value and will be happily eaten by their little ones, they can serve up some peppers.

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Bell peppers are a healthy food that almost all kids will actually eat, because they are pretty sweet. Moms can put them in a salad if there are other veggies that their child likes, like lettuce or spinach, and they can slice them up for a snack.

7 Eggs

Eggs are a healthy food that almost all kids will actually like. The good thing about giving a kid eggs for breakfast (or even lunch) is that moms can figure out their kids' preferences. Some of us love scrambled eggs and others don't, so we can ask our kids which they would prefer. Thankfully, most kids probably don't care about poached eggs, which is good since making those can be complicated.

Eggs have protein and healthy fat. Moms can serve them with some fruit and toast, or fruit and oatmeal, or make a breakfast sandwich with some cheese.

6 Cucumbers

Cucumbers are another healthy food that almost every kid will actually like. According to Live Science, they are a source of "hydration" and comprised of 95 percent water. This is great news for moms who can't always convince their children to drink a lot of water (for some reason, apple juice is always more enticing).

When moms are thinking up school lunch ideas or something for their kid's after-school snack, they can go with cucumbers. They would be great in a lunch box along with a healthy sandwich, and they are a classic snack with some other veggies or fruit.

5 Broccoli

Yes, it's a well-known fact that children aren't into green vegetables. A lot of times their response will simply be, "It's green" when asked if they want to give a new food a try. But many kids will actually eat broccoli, and more than that, they will actually like it. How?

Okay, so with this healthy food, moms will get some help from another food that kids love: cheese. Melting a bit of cheese onto some broccoli is a trick as old as time, but moms have always used it with great success. Many of us fell for this trick growing up and would totally eat cheese and broccoli to this day. Whatever it takes to get a kid to eat a veggie, right?

4 Brown Rice

If moms think that their kids will only eat white rice or pasta as a carb at dinner, they can try serving some brown rice. This food has a really nice, nutty flavor, and chances are, many children will like eating it.

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Brown rice is a healthy carb and it also has some iron and magnesium. Moms can serve brown rice as a side to any protein... and if kids are really picky, we can even make a dinner of homemade chicken fingers and some brown rice. It's a good way to meet kids in the middle and help them try new foods.

3 Hummus

If we love hummus, part of the reason why is because we love dipping other foods into it, from pita to crackers to celery and carrots. Kids will enjoy this experience, too, and moms should definitely have their kids try this healthy food.

Since hummus is made from chickpeas, it's a good source of protein, and it is most likely a food that many kids will actually like. There are so many ways to flavor hummus if we make it ourselves (and countless versions that are sold at our local grocery store too). Chances are, we can find a flavor that our kids will adore.

2 Figs

We all know that apples, bananas, and oranges are kid-friendly fruit, but many kids would also like another fruit: figs. Figs are delicious, sweet, and packed with nutrition. Even if they're not necessarily thought of as a kid-friendly food, they definitely are. Figs have a "jammy" taste and texture and are a source of fiber and calcium.

When parents can't find fresh figs in the summer (since they are available during a short season), they can find dried figs in supermarkets. We can make our own fig jam using chia seeds or we can spread them on toast with some cream cheese, goat cheese, or nut butter.

1 Avocado

The final healthy food that almost all kids will actually like? That would be avocado. Many of us are big fans of avocado toast, and so are many little ones, too. Avocados are healthy since they have good fats and they are so creamy that they make the perfect topper for any piece of toast.

Moms can give their kids avocado toast for breakfast (maybe with an egg on the side or on top). You can also hide avocados in chocolate cake or brownies, which will definitely go over well. Avocados are so popular because they are just plain amazing.

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