Having Another Baby: Pros And Cons

Some people, like the Duggars, were just born to have big families, but that definitely is not for everyone. There a lot of factors that come into play when deciding to have kids: financial situation, work, school, space at home, helping hands, and daycare. There are so many things to consider that we can’t even name them all. Having a child for the first time is an amazing experience, from pregnancy to giving birth to watching the little ones grow into their own person.

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Deciding to have a second child, however, is a very serious very permanent decision that should be talked about between the couple who are thinking about it. In this article, we will help go through five pros to having another child and five cons. None of these things should be deciding factors on whether or not to have more, but they certainly do help in realizing on whether or not having another child is a good choice right now.

10 Pro - Hand-Me-Downs

A big pro to having another baby is the fact that, as long as you saved everything from your first child, you won’t need to buy nearly as much stuff as you did the first time. If your second baby ends up being the same gender as the first, you can use the same baby clothes. You can also use the crib, car seat, bassinet, anything you have put away from the first baby. This makes things way less stressful and could allow you to save up more money for when you are out on maternity/paternity leave.

9 Con - Sibling Rivalry

When thinking about having another baby, we tend to think of how great it will be for our little ones to have siblings to play with, and there is no doubt about the fact that there will be some sweet sibling moments. Let's be honest though, those moments can be few and far between, especially once both children are at an age where they are walking and talking. Everyone knows that siblings that fight a lot, and they are likely to fight about everything from toys to “Mommy, brother near me!” There is literally nothing that some siblings won’t fight about.

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8 Pro - Knowing What To Do

The biggest pro to having another baby is that you already did it once before, so you know what you're doing. We already have answers to all of those big questions we have as a first time parent like, "Should their nose be running?", "How warm should this bottle be?", "Is that noise normal?" There is no doubt about the fact that the second time around is always easier, and for some women it can also be a lot easier when it comes to giving birth too.

7 Con - Double The Doctor's Appointments

Another con to having another baby is the fact that you will now have to make and keep doctor's appointments for more than one child. This may sound like a piece of cake to some people since they already have doctors picked out and they might think that they can just schedule the children for the same day, but sometimes the doctor won’t be able accommodate you, making you have to do more errands than you are used to.

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6 Pro - Picking Out A Pediatrician

One of the good things about having another baby is that you will have already picked out a pediatrician for your other child/children, therefore you won’t have to do all of the searching, reading of reviews, and calling around to find one that you most likely did with your first child. Picking out a pediatrician that you like and are comfortable with is a big, important task, so the fact that you already have one that you know and have had time to get comfortable with definitely take some of the stress off of your shoulders when having additional children.

5 Con - Needing More Space

Another con to having additional children, and kind of a big one, is the fact that you will need more space at home. For some people, this might mean relocating to a bigger home, and for others it might just mean cleaning out that spare room that's been collecting junk over the years. Whatever the case may be, it is something to keep in mind when deciding to have another kid, but definitely should not hold you back from doing something that you so badly want. While it should not be the determining factor in having another child, it is important for the child to have a bedroom.

4 Pro - Having Siblings

While siblings may fight often, it is also a good thing to have them. Siblings often share a bond that they wouldn't have with anyone else. They also will have each other long after you're gone, and though bleak to think about, it is something to consider when having another child. Sometimes siblings are also there for each other in a school setting when their brother or sister is being picked on. There can be strength in numbers, and if you can get past all of the  rivalry, then we think it’s great to have siblings.

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3 Con - Say Goodbye To Alone Time

If you thought that it was difficult to get some alone time after having your first child, then get ready, because adding another child to that mix will leave you begging for a night alone. As a parent of more than one child, we often have to find our peace in the little things, such as a quick shower alone, because that’s about all we can get — and boy are we grateful when we do get it. Of course, if you have the means of getting a babysitter, nanny, or helpful family member to lighten your load, then this might not be an issue for you.

2 Pro - Having Another Little Helper

Some people might see this next one as selfish, but honestly, it’s kind of genius. Toddlers tend to love doing whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing, and this can often mean they want to help out around the house. So an upside to having another child is the fact that when they are old enough, they will be able to do some chores around the house for you. Now, this is not a deciding factor in having a kid, and we are by no means saying you should use your children to get your housework done, but it definitely does help when they enjoy cleaning up after themselves.

1 Con - Higher Grocery Bill

Something that should definitely be taken into consideration when deciding on whether or not to have a second child is of course the fact that you will indeed have a higher grocery bill. At first it won’t be so bad — just formula if you are bottle feeding. Over time, however, the cost of groceries is just going to continue to grow. The saying “eating me out of house and home” really does hold true when you have multiple children. Some people would recommend discount shopping, or taking up coupon-clipping as a hobby to help lower this cost.

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