Newest Hatchimals Come With Shimmery Surprises, And Our Kids Will Be Obsessed

The newest Hatchimals are pixies hatching out of sparkly eggs! Kids everywhere can’t get enough of this line of robotic creatures that hatch themselves from their eggs. The glittery and adorable pixies are set to be one of the most popular toys this year. This line may even outshine their beloved Easter collection.

Hatchimals are sold as eggs with a heart on them. Placing a finger on the heart to warm it will result in hatching. Hatchimals contain surprises, and their mystery is part of why they are so well loved. We have the scoop on the eggs, the pixies, and some clues about what you’ll find inside.

Credit: Spin Master

There are four Hatchimals Pixie eggs, with eight different pixies to be found inside. Each sparkly pixie has a unique hairstyle, a coordinating outfit, and a bed that fits into the base of her egg. They are 2.5 inches tall and have wings that flutter and posable heads. Along with the pixie, there will also be three mystery accessories to wear or play with hidden under her bed.

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The ombre eggs are named Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall, and Glittering Garden. As long as you buy different eggs, you’ll be sure to hatch unique pixies. But you’ll have to take a chance to expand your collection. Each egg might contain one of two pixie varieties. You won’t know which one you have until they hatch.

Credit; Spin Master

Hatchimals's producer, Spin Master, revealed a few other toys coming out this year along with the Pixies. The toys all have some sort of robotic or transformative feature. Candilocks changes from cotton candy to a doll with stylable hair. Lollypets are robotic pets remote controlled by a lollypop. However, it is the pixies that are anticipated to be one of the top toys of 2019.

The first series of these sparkly new toys is available now at all major retailers for $9.99 each. They are intended for ages five and up. A second wave will be coming out in October, and these Pixie Royales will have a dance floor instead of a bed. You can even preorder these partying pixies if you’re caught up in the craze to collect them all!

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