Hatchimals Launched A New Koala Toy And It's Almost Too Cute


Does anyone remember the Hatchimals craze that threatened to ruin thousands of Christmases a couple of years ago? Those adorable little hatching toys were at the top of so many gift lists, but their popularity far exceeded their availability. They popped up on Ebay and other resale sites for double or triple (or more!) what their retail price was, and it created one of those black market toy issues that happen every couple of years.

Stores like Target would get a small shipment and hand out numbers to people who lined up hours before opening, hoping to get their hands on one. Other stores instituted a one Hatchimal per person rule, to prevent one person from buying all the stock to resell them. It was nuts! The initial Hatchimal craze has died down a bit, but the toys are still pretty popular, and new toys in the line come out all the time.

This holiday season, the company that makes Hatchimals is hoping to capture hearts and wallets all over again, with their new Hatchi-Mallows and HatchiBabies. We'll admit, even the names are ridiculously cute.

Spin Master, the company who makes Hatchimals, has released two new additions to the Hatchimal family. HatchiBabies are adorable baby animals that hatch in the same way the originals did, but they come with some surprises!

The egg responds to hugs, taps, and pats, and will rock back and forth on the table during the hatching process. When the baby is finally hatched, your child can decide whether it's a boy or a girl. The babies also come with a bunch of their own accessories, like bottles and bibs. There are three different animals: Koalabee, Cheetree, and Ponette. You can find HatchiBabies at Target and Walmart, but the Koalabee is a Walmart exclusive.

The other new member of the Hatchimal family is something called a Hatchi-Mallow. These adorable squishy creatures combine the cuteness of Hatchimals with the fun of squishies.

Credit: Walmart

These soft little guys are part of the Hatchi-Mallow Sweet Series. They're small, and they don't come in an egg ready to be hatched. Instead, these collectible squishies are meant to be squeezed and smooshed. Each creature has their own sweet treat, like Tigrette and the pink cupcake or Hummingbear with the macaron. At only $8 a pop, these squishies make great stocking-stuffers. Hatchi-Mallows are a Walmart exclusive, and are available on their website.

It's almost Halloween, which means it's way past time to start shopping for the holidays! If you've got a Hatchimal lover or two, make sure to snag one of these new toys to put in their stocking or under the tree this year.

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