These Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Are Perfect For Your Kid's Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner and like many parents you may be eagerly searching for some fun and affordable chocolate and candy-free alternatives to fill your child's Easter basket. Easter is such a fun time for kids, but many parents are trying to limit the amount of chocolate and sugary treats their kids receive and are opting to give their child small gifts instead. If you're looking for a cute gift for your kids this weekend, and don't want to overload them on sugar, Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are really the perfect gift.

Hatchimals are the super popular toys that went viral a few years ago, with parents frantically scrambling to put one under their Christmas tree at the time. They feature a cute toy inside an egg that is "hatched" once the child plays with it. The popularity of the cute toys has definitely lasted over the years and now you can get these new CollEGGtibles just in time for Easter.

SpinMaster, the company who created Hatchimals, has a huge variety of these CollEGGtibles for parents to choose from.  The CollEGGtibles are smaller Hatchimals that sit inside small eggs. Walmart has an exclusive Easter basket set of Hatchimals any child would love for just $14.88, which is less than many people spend on chocolate and sure to cause far fewer sugar crashes! The Walmart exclusive features a cute Easter basket with four un-hatched CollEGGtibles and two that have already hatched. To hatch their egg a child simply has to hold it in their hands and warm it up, then watch to see which CollEGGtible they will add to their collection.

Amazon also offers the CollEGGtibles and right now you can grab them for less than $10! This offer gets even better if you have Prime because not only will you get a super cute toy for a great price, but they'll be delivered right to your door in plenty of time for Easter. Affordable and convenient are the two things every parent looks for when buying gifts for their kids!

Target is also offering 2 and 4 packs of the cute secret toys, all for under $10 which make these the perfect little gift for your Hatchimals fan. There are endless varieties of these adorable toys and parents can buy them in small amounts for a cute addition to an Easter basket, or in larger quantities to take place of the traditional basket completely.

Kids are sure to love receiving these fun toys on Easter so much they'll probably forget all about the chocolate, which is a definite win for parents everywhere!


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