Harvey Weinstein Settles Sexual Assault Civil Suits In Tentative $44M Deal

Harvey Weinstein was once considered one of the most powerful men in the film industry. His studio, The Weinstein Company, released critically acclaimed films starring some of the industry's most well-known stars. His influence reached far and wide, from within the industry to politics and beyond. But in 2017, an in-depth reported piece in the New Yorker revealed the dark truth about Weinstein, and set off the #MeToo movement in Hollywood and around the world. Weinstein's fall from grace was swift and merciless, and soon, over 100 women would come forward with accusations against the disgraced filmmaker. He was fired from the company he founded with his brother, and his wife Georgina Chapman divorced him. He faces criminal charges of rape and other sex crimes against two other women.

The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy after being hit with a barrage of lawsuits from Weinstein's victims. Now, we've learned that a tentative $44 million agreement has been reached, which would compensate the victims who filed lawsuits against Weinstein and also settle a civil rights suit filed in New York.

After a year of mediation sessions, the tentative agreement was announced in a bankruptcy court in Delaware last week. It has not been finalized, but if it's approved, the settlement would earmark $30 million to paid to a large pool of plaintiffs, including his victims, former employees, and creditors for The Weinstein Company. it would also cover any legal fees associated with the cases associated with those plaintiffs. The remaining $14 million would be divided among Weinstein's associates, to cover their legal fees.

Many of them are former board members who were named in several lawsuits brought against Weinstein and his company. The deal would also settle the civil rights lawsuit brought against Weinstein by the New York Attorney General's office last year, who sued Weinstein and his company for not protecting employees from a hostile work environment.

The $44 million will come from insurance policies, and none of it will actually be paid by Weinstein himself, which seems remarkably unjust. But he is still facing criminal charges, and is due to stand trial for rape and other sexual crimes in September. Weinstein has denied all allegations, and maintains that all relationships and encounters were consensual. He's currently free on $1 million bond and has to wear a GPS-monitoring ankle bracelet.

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