Study Finds Almost All Parents Think It's Harder Than Ever To Raise A Child

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At some point in their lives, most parents will say, "But no-one ever told me it would be this hard." While people can try and prepare you for having kids, you'll never know how difficult it will be until you actually have one - or, how rewarding it can be either. Now, according to Fatherly, a study by BPI Network has found that almost all of us think that raising kids in 2018 is harder than it's ever been. Key concerns include the rising popularity of social media, being a working parent, school safety issues and the growing amount of mental health problems in children. The study has aptly titled all of these anxieties as "Parental Burnout."

The term is an accurate description of how it feels to be on the frontline of parenthood today, with so much happening at one time that parents feel their performance in significant areas - mainly raising children, work, and their relationships - is suffering. The survey included interviews with over 2,000 parents. 14% admitted they experience burnout frequently, while another 34% said they suffer occasionally. Another 21% said they were doing A-okay.

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An overwhelming percentage of the participants said that the burnout had a significant effect on their daily lives, with 33% noting extreme frustration when completing parenting tasks. A further 29% said that they aren't parenting the way they would like to. Unsurprisingly, top causes of burnout included a child not doing as they were told, with pressure and exhaustion from work and financial woes also being significant factors.

A lot of these issues wouldn't have been so prevalent several decades ago, when it was far less common to have both parents working, and social media didn't exist. The survey also goes on to detail what modern-day parents do to try and combat the burnout. 34% said they try to make time to do things they enjoy, 33% said they try to switch-up their parenting style, and 26% believe that hitting the gym to work out their stresses helps relieve frustration significantly.

You can read the study in full here. Have you ever experienced Parental Burnout? Let us know what you do to overcome it in the comments.

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