Hardee’s Enlists Ryan ToysReview To Relaunch Kid’s Meal Business

If you're a company looking to get kids interested in your business, how do you do it? Well, getting a spokesperson kids love is a great start. Usually, that would be some sort of animated character, but no more. Fast food chain Hardees is teaming up with Ryan of Ryan ToysReview to help them relaunch their kid's meal. They'll be featuring four toys from Ryan's "Ryan's World" toy line with their revamped kids meals.

Hardee's knows that teaming up with Ryan is certainly the way to get kids in. Young kids are obsessed with everything Ryan. And there's plenty to obsess over. In addition to his ever popular YouTube channel, which is still churning out constant content, Ryan is everywhere. He has a development deal with branding company pocket.watch. And that has led to the creation of his toy brand, which can be found in places like Walmart.

As if those two things weren't enough, Ryan also has a show on Nickelodeon, Ryan's Mystery Playdate. Naturally, it's one of the most watched shows on the network. After only a few weeks on the air, it was given orders for a second season. This kid is a multimillionaire, and he's only seven!

This partnership is the first time Hardee's will be working with an influencer. And they couldn't have picked a better first option. If they're truly looking to revitalize their children's meal, Ryan is certainly the way to do it. Without a doubt, he is the top kid influencer. By plastering his recognizable face all over their advertising and locations, kids will be begging their parents to stop in and buy them a kid's meal.

"Our consumers are digital-first," Hardee's director of brand marketing, Jenna Folk, tells CNN Business. "We want to connect with them where they are."

The Star Pals meals feature your typical kid's fast food fare. Either chicken tenders or a burger, a fruit pouch and milk. Each meal will come with one of four toys, some of Ryan's most popular. There's a mystery egg that contains a puzzle, a rolling panda, a Ryan figurine, and a water toy. Star Pals meals start at $3.99, and will also be available at Carl's Jr., which is owned by the same parent company.

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