10 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Kids That Don't Involve Trick-Or-Treating

There are some people who feel like the only way to celebrate Halloween with their children is to take them trick-or-treating. However, that is entirely misleading. There are tons of ways parents can help their children celebrate the holiday without having to knock on strang doors. There is nothing wrong if a parent would choose to not participate in trick-or-treating. They most likely have a valid and logical reason.

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If they would like to still celebrate the Halloween season with their little ones, they could try alternatives such as throwing a little party or having a Halloween movie marathon session. Continue reading to find out more fun ways to celebrate Halloween with the kids that don’t involve trick-or-treating!

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10 Decorate The House For Halloween & Get The Whole Family Involved

Decorating the house and yard for Halloween can be a fun-filled family activity. From infants to grandparents, practically everyone can get involved. You can make it even more fun by creating some of your own decorations.

Decorating the house can quickly be turned into a memorable Halloween family tradition. Each year, you can have each of your children create a keepsake that they can cherish throughout the years. As they get older, it could be their very first set of decorations for their own houses.

9 A Halloween Movie Marathon

Watching Halloween movies may very well be the best thing about this time of year! There are so many different spooktacular to choose from! For parents with younger children, there is the option to watch age-appropriate films; however, if you have older children and don't mind getting scared, you can throw on some great horror movies!

There are also usually some awesome Halloween-themed movies on TV that usually start airing at the beginning of October. So, instead of taking the children trick-or-treating, try having a Halloween movie marathon instead!

8 Plan & Throw A Spooktacular Halloween Party

This Halloween, you and your family can plan and throw a family-friendly party instead of trick-or-treating! It is a great way to spend some time with your loved ones and closest friends. It's the perfect way to have an amazing time while being able to socialize.

Try assigning your children certain tasks to get them involved in the party planning too. While preparing the food yourself is an option, to save time and money, guests can be asked to bring along one of their favorite dishes.

7 Create & Bake Halloween Goodies

Trick-or-treating isn't the only fun way for kids to get yummy holiday goodies! Why not try baking or creating your own Halloween goodies for the entire family to enjoy? Most craft stores even sell the meltable chocolate along with an astonishing variety of moldings to create your own lollipops and candies.

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Assuming they are old enough, children should be asked to assist with the kitchen fun. Plus, if your child has allergies to any food or is on a special diet, making your own delicious treats is a safer alternative to going out trick-or-treating!

6 Have The Whole Family Hand Out Candy On Trick-Or-Treat Night

Perhaps for a more relaxed Halloween, you and your family can hand out candy this year instead! Not everyone likes the hustle and bustle of roaming the streets to collect candy. Some people prefer to give the gift of sweets while remaining at home.

To make handing out candy even better, you may choose to still wear Halloween costumes. This gives children the chance to still dress up and play make-believe! It would also give adults an excuse to throw on a costume as well, which can be really fun!

5 Have A Halloween Themed Family Game Night

To have some holiday fun with the little ones -- if trick-or-treating isn't your thing -- you can plan an action-packed Halloween themed game night. You can either try playing some traditional store-bought games or try searching the internet for age-appropriate games to play.

For those feeling particularly creative, you can even invent your own Halloween games to enjoy with your loved ones! Why not invite some close friends over and make an entire night of it?

4 Visit A Haunted House Or Attraction

Instead of having a night-in this Halloween, you can plan a fun-filled family outing! Try to go somewhere that is age-appropriate. The older your kids, the spookier and more thrilling things can get!

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Starting in late September to early October, haunted houses and attractions start appearing all over the place. While sticking to a local event may be preferable, you can also make a day or weekend trip out of it. Things like old asylums, haunted barns or mazes, and even museums are just a few great places to start.

3 Spend A Family Day At The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are usually very appealing to younger children. You can plan a day with your family and go out to your local pumpkin patch! They usually have tons of family-oriented activities for you and your children to participate in such as pumpkin or apple picking, hay wagon rides, or sometimes even a small petting zoo.

Remember to bring your camera or smartphone to take lots of pictures of the new and amazing memories created with your children! If your not sure where to find a local pumpkin patch, try searching the internet for ones near you.

2 Go To A Local (Or Semi-Local) Halloween Parade

Parades can be fun for children and adults who are young at heart! Try planning on going to your local Halloween parade this fall with your family. You can either stick to ones close to home or search for ones in a neighboring city and make a little family day trip out of it.

Young children are usually even able to dress up in their own Halloween costumes. Most parades hand out candy for the little ones too! If you aren't sure about the dates of the parades, they can usually be found on the town's official website or on the local news stations' official websites. Social media is also a great place to find listings.

1 Read Halloween Themed Books Or Tell Spooky Stories

One fun and imaginative way to celebrate Halloween that doesn’t involve trick-or-treating would be to read some Halloween themed book to your children. Or, if you want to go with something more original, you can create your own age-appropriate spooky stories.

You can even have one person start the story and then have each member of the family add on to it until everyone has a turn. If you have a backyard, you could even make some smores while telling your stories!

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