10 Halloween Inspired Crafts To Make With Your Kids

The wonderful world of arts and crafts is great for young children and can help develop and enhance their skills. Research suggests that one of the most important ways to help children grow and develop is to get them to use their brains as well as their hands. For instance, arts and crafts can help with motor skills, math, literacy, creativity, and even self-esteem. That's right, encouraging your kids to plan, build and make things, can really do wonders.

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However, while arts and crafts might be fun at any time of the year, it's always that little bit better when themes are involved. So, why not try these cool Halloween inspired designs? Here are 10 Halloween inspired crafts to make with your kids.

10 Homemade Costumes

Most kids (as well as adults) love to dress up, especially at Halloween. Yes, Halloween gives people a chance to wear clothing that they usually wouldn't, all while stuffing their faces with candy and chocolate. Making costumes and creating different designs can be one of the most fun and interesting things to do with your kids at Halloween.

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Plus, it doesn't need to be that expensive either, with old clothes and discarded items perfect for creating costume ideas. Not only does this encourage your kids to be more environmentally friendly with regards to recycling old things but it also gives you the opportunity to have some creative bonding time.

9 Handprint Skeletons

Making handprint skeletons can be one of the easiest things to do with children as it doesn't take much effort to provide the materials and it's also pretty cheap. However, not only is this good for Halloween, but it is also a good way to introduce the body and bones to young children.

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That's right, skeleton handprints can help explain what the skeleton does and how it frames the human body. Then, your kids can examine their own hands, feet, fingers, and toes and present their own version of their own skeleton.

8 Toilet Paper Roll Scary Monsters

Toilet paper scary monsters are another opportunity to provide cheap and easy fun with young preschoolers and toddlers, even adults if you want to join in on the fun? Plus, it is also cheap and doesn't have to break the bank when it comes to providing all the materials.

All you need are several rolls of toilet paper, without the toilet paper of course (although that can come in handy later), some pens, paper and anything lying around that could be used to decorate your scary monsters. Kids can make anything from bats, mummies, vampires and anything else that comes to their mind.

7 Specimen Jars

Specimen jars are perfect for Halloween and can be really fun to make. The best thing about specimen jars is that you can design them in many different ways, making the whole process fun and interesting.

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However, the best specimen jars to make are by the far the glow in the dark kind, plus they aren't that difficult to make. Firstly, fill a glass jar with water about halfway, then cut open a regular highlighter and pour it into the water. Yes, it really is that easy. To jazz it up, add some scary eyeballs, brains or any other spooky materials to make your specimen jars standout from the crowd.

6 Scary Spider Soap

Spooky spider soap not only entertains kids but it also encourages them to wash, what's better than that, right? Yes, these spooky spider soaps are incredibly easy to make, not to mention cheap, and can last a lot longer than most Halloween craftworks.

All you need is some clear glycerin soap, a silicone soap mold, some soap coloring (any color you want, the spookier the better) some fragrance oil and of course, spooky plastic spiders. However, although it is pretty easy to make, it is still rather fiddly, especially due to the different chemicals and liquids. Of course, it's always important to make sure that your kids are safe and away from dangerous chemicals.

5 Bleeding Candles

Candles are pretty spooky by themselves, so what better than to make them even scarier by adding blood (fake, of course). Bleeding candles are all the rage this Halloween and extremely easy to make.

The best thing is to buy a cheap pillar candle that is open at the top. It is better to get a white candle, although yellow and beige are still good. Next, get some red tea light candles and stick them on top of the candle. Finally, only light the tea light candles, and watch the red candle wax bleed onto the white pillar. However, bleeding candles can be done in a number of different ways, with some people even using red crayons.

4 Witchy Wreath

Wreaths are fun to make any time during the year, from different seasons to different holidays, wreath making is always fun to do. However, making Halloween wreaths is extra fun due to the spooky and scary additions that you can add and the different colors that you can include.

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Plus, Halloween wreath making is one of the cheapest Halloween crafts on the list, as well as one of the easiest. The first thing you need is a paddle wire and a grapevine wreath base, don't worry too much about the color as you will be covering the wire with your spooky decorations and witchy wreath ornaments.

3 Striped Pumpkins

Pumpkins (otherwise known as Jack O'lanterns) are a staple feature of Halloween and have been for years and years. In fact, the tradition of carving faces into vegetables dates all the way back to the Celts, who would build big bonfires in their garden to celebrate the end of the summer harvest and prepare for the dark winter.

These days, the tradition still stands, with pumpkin carving one of the highlights of every Halloween holiday. However, why not change it up and create a stripey pumpkin instead? All you need is a pumpkin, a paintbrush, some paint, and a sealant to set the design.

2 Flower Pot Spiders

One thing about decorating your flower pot is that you don't need to go and buy anything, well not much anyway. Decorating your porch decorations can be a cheap and easy way to mark Halloween. Firstly, all you need to do is paint or spray your flower pot. If you don't want to do this, then just cover it with some different colored paper.

Yes, no matter how hard you might try, terracotta just isn't that spooky. Next, fill the flower pot with scary things such as spiders, bugs and mini pumpkins. Furthermore, mini flower pots also make great bodies for things such as spiders and little monsters, just make sure you add some eyes and a few arms and legs.

1 Monster Bookmarks

Need a cheap and easy project for kids over Halloween? Then look no further! Yes, Halloween bookmarks are perfect for little ones, especially those who have just started reading. All you need is some colored origami paper, construction paper, googly eye stickers, scissors, glue, and some marker pens.

First, fold the origami paper diagonally on each side before folding into a triangle. When you have done this, hold the top of the triangle and make sure to fold it towards the bottom. After this, hold the left corner and fold it towards the bottom center of the triangle (do this with both corners). Finally, tuck each flap into each pocket and give your kid's free rein on what they want to create.

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