Halloween Costume Safety: Tips & Tricks For A Safe Trick-Or Treat

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Halloween is almost here which means that children of all ages are eagerly planning the perfect costume for the big night. Some kids like to go super scary with their costumes, embracing the spooky vibe that Halloween represents while others like to dress up as their favorite television or movie characters. You know you're guaranteed to see lots of Disney Princesses and Marvel Superheroes this October 31st as well as lots of ghouls, goblins, and ghosts.

To make sure that Halloween is as safe as it is fun for your children there are some safety rules parents should follow when it comes to helping kids choose their costumes. Creativity is key when it comes to making the perfect Halloween costume, but safety always has to be top of mind. Here are some Halloween costume safety tips parents and kids should follow to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the night.

Halloween Costume Safety Tip: Light it Up!

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No matter how early you send your kids out to trick or treat, chances are it's going to be dark by the time they get home. Giving your children glow sticks or glow necklaces/bracelets will not only help them see but it will also make them visible to other people, including motorists.

Children should also have a small flashlight to help them see where they're going and to light up walkways and sidewalks as they trick or treat.  Again, having a light on them at all times will also help motorists see them in the dark and make your child feel more comfortable. Make sure the flashlight has new batteries so they will last the night.

Flashlights come in handy if your child happens to fall or drops anything and they'll also be able to make spooky faces at their friends which is just an added bonus.

Halloween Costume Safety Tip: Get Artistic!

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Get creative and release your inner makeup artist this Halloween! Instead of choosing a costume with a mask that can obstruct your child's vision, break, or just cause your child to overheat, consider using non-toxic makeup to complete their Halloween look.

You'll want to test the makeup on their face first to ensure they don't have any reaction and make sure you're using quality products, but a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to accessorizing your child's Halloween costume. If you're unsure about your makeup talents there are endless tutorials online to help you out. You may even get some inspiration on how to create a new look for your child that will seriously dazzle their friends.

Halloween Costume Safety Tip: Safety First!

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Kids want everyone to be able to see their costumes this Halloween, and parents especially want to ensure that motorists and other children can see them as well. Consider adding a strip of reflective tape to their costume to ensure maximum visibility not only to motorists but to other trick or treaters as well. You can also add it to their trick or treat bags for even more visibility.

If your child is trick or treating with a parent adding reflective tape to their clothes or even a safety vest can also help with making sure everyone on the road can see them and knows where they are.

Halloween Costume Safety Tip: Fire Safety

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When buying costumes or even purchasing fabric to make your own, make sure that it's clearly marked as fire-resistant. This goes for fabric, wigs and any kind of hats or head coverings your child may wear. There are lots of open candles on Halloween and you don't want anything to happen if your child happens to walk too close to one.

Halloween Costume Safety Tip: Accessorize!

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Kids love a good accessory with their costumes. Swords, wands, knives, canes, brooms etc are all popular Halloween costume accessories, but you need to make sure they're safe. Make sure there aren't any pointed ends on anything your child is carrying that could hurt them if they happen to fall, and make sure they're accessories aren't too realistic looking or scary looking to frighten other children.

Halloween Costume Safety Tip: Make It Fit

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It might be tempting to pass down Halloween costumes from one child to another or to trade with friends and neighbors because it's a great way to save money, but make sure your child's Halloween costume is fitting them properly. You don't want to send your child out with a costume that's too big that may cause them to trip and you'll want to make sure they're wearing comfy and well-fitting shoes.

If you do choose a mask with your child's costume make sure they have full visibility and that the mask fits them properly. Nothing is worse than trick or treating with a child who complains that their costume is too uncomfortable or their feet hurt when you're only minutes away from home. A well-fitting costume can make the difference between a happy child and a frustrated parent.

Have a safe, fun & happy Halloween!

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