10 Cool Halloween Face Paint Ideas For Kids

Halloween is one of the most creative times of the year, especially when it comes to dressing up and painting your face. Halloween can really be the best holiday for both little children and adults.

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However, let's face it, no matter how much you want to deny it, Halloween is mostly for children and a chance for them to show off their creativity and let loose. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing a funky costume and then having fun making it together. Then, to make things even better, painting your child's face can make Halloween that extra bit special, so, here are 10 cool Halloween face paint ideas for kids.

10 Ice Cream Head

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by painting your face into melted ice cream? Most kids love ice cream and often end up with half of it on their face whether it is Halloween or not. It really doesn't get any sweeter than this, especially when you pair the design with an added cone headband and some sprinkles. Plus, the melted ice cream face is different from standard Halloween costumes and will make your kid stand out from a crowd of garden variety vampires and ghosts. And if you really want extra parent points? Take them out for ice cream too!

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9 Mime

If your kid is rather arty and enjoys all things dramatic and extreme, then why not give them the opportunity to dress as a mime and show off their improvisation skills? Mimes are easy to create and only really involve a full white face and black lips. However, mimes can also be jazzed up a little, with some people opting for red bright lips or black intricate designs on their faces. Furthermore, to make the mime that much more believable, pair the face paint with a black and white t-shirt and a beret. This will really bring the character to life.

8 Wolf Face

Some kids prefer not to paint their full face, and instead lean towards a more subtle design. Therefore, why not paint a small scratch above their eye, like something that might resemble a crazy wolf or a large, clawed animal? This means that your kid can still be cool at Halloween but has the means to rub the paint off easily and efficiently whenever they want. This design can work for many different themes and is a firm favorite for those who want to dress as Little Red Riding Hood. All you need is a red-hooded cape and a picnic basket, along with a wolf scratch plastered across their eye.

7 The Classic Skull

Skulls are a common occurrence over Halloween, mostly because they are pretty easy to create and just as easy to take off. Plus, you only really need two colors, which makes it even more desirable. However, skull faces can also be repetitive, and it is likely that your kid will want to stand out from the rest of the skulls at school. So, if you want to change it up a bit, why not create a half-face skull? Yes, by sidestepping the whole common full-face design, your kid will be left with an even scarier skull-inspired theme, which will leave the whole neighborhood terrified.

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6 Cute Cat

Cats can be a popular choice for both boys and girls over Halloween, with our feline friends not only an easy paint job, but also cheap to create. However, due to their popularity, they can also be a little repetitive as well as somewhat boring. In order to make your four-legged feline stand out from the crowd, why not make your cat a little bit more interesting? For instance, instead of going for the tabby cat, why not opt for an orange or tuxedo cat. Plus, cat ears, cattails, and cat whiskers are always great for making your cat more unique.

5 Tiger

Tigers are one of the most popular choices of face paint, whether it is Halloween or not. They are common for a number of reasons, but mostly because they are easy to create. All you need is some orange face paint, some white highlighter, and a few black lines, and you will have the scariest  but also the cutest tiger  in the world. That's right, a simple tiger face can be achieved by anyone even if you don't rate yourself as an artist. To make things extra scary, why not invest in a tiger suit? Your kid will love it.

4 Bunny Rabbit

Rabbits are not only incredibly cute but they are also perfect for Halloween due to the extreme lengths that you can go to. For instance, if your kid wants to fully embrace the wonderful world of Halloween, you can not only paint their face as a bunny rabbit but you can also get them the costume to match. This includes bunny ears, teeth, a bunny outfit and of course, the cute cottontail. However, if your kid wants to play it cool, a standard bunny face is very easy to paint and can be done without any extra materials.

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3 Green Monster

Monster faces are popular with both boys and girls and can be done with almost any color. However, if you really want to turn it up a notch, why not use a murky green paint to create the face of a creepy green monster ready to attack? This kind of design requires a full face and lots of paint, plus it can be kind of messy when it comes to taking it off. To apply it, make sure you use a sponge, as it will go on quicker and more efficiently. And, if your kid wants to fully embrace the Halloween holiday, why not see if they want to (temporarily) dye their hair a dark black to accompany their look?

2 Clown

Let's face it, clowns are one of the scariest things in the world, even more so when a young child is dressed as one. Yes, clowns are extremely popular over Halloween, mostly due to the fact that they are easy to paint and can come with some funky costumes and accessories. All you need to do is paint your kid's face white, add some color on the eyes and finish with a bright red smile. Then, to make it even creepier, why not add a colorful wig, some big shoes and a clown costume that is too big for them? It's scary just thinking about it...

1 Creepy Doll

Creepy dolls are a classic choice for Halloween and can range from the scary to the absolutely terrifying. Creepy dolls can be found almost anywhere, with parents also often costuming their newborn babies. Plus, there are many different designs online and on television to use as inspiration, which makes it even easier to choose as a Halloween option. However, if you don't want to go down the creepy doll path, you could always opt for the frightening ventriloquist dummy instead. In fact, that might be even scarier.

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