Here's Hallmark's Original Movie Lineup For February

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It's February! And while that means we're deep in the throes of winter, it also means Valentine's Day is coming. Even if you're not totally into celebrating it, there are benefits to the holiday. Mainly, the endless abundance of chocolate available. But it also means that if you're looking for some fun movies to watch, chances are you can find a good rom-com to watch. Romantic comedies are great because they're a little silly, slightly unrealistic, but ultimately sweet. And this February, if you're looking for some quality romantic movie fare Hallmark has you covered. Because, of course they do.

Hallmark movies are the definition of the kind of slightly unrealistic sweetness that many of us look for when it comes to romantic movies. This year, the Hallmark Channel is dubbing February "Unconditional Love Month," and adding four new original movies to their lineup. We're in full support of this plan. In the "Countdown to Valentine's Day," we're getting some quality new movie content, and it's exactly what we need to chase away the winter blues.

Every weekend in February, we get a new movie, which means that they actually go past V-Day! So, we're #blessed with a whole month of new content. All four movies are definitely on brand for Hallmark, which means they will be heartwarming and the perfect balance of cheesy and sweet. And a couple movies are starring some of our favorite 90s IT Girls, Rachael Leigh Cook and Lacey Chabert!

The first movie is Valentine in the Vineyard, starring Rachael Leigh Cook. It's the third film in a series, following Autumn in the Vineyard and Summer in the Vineyard. While vineyard co-owners Frankie Baldwin (Cook) and Nate DeLuca have managed to learn to balance their personal and professional lives, everything changes when Nate proposes. When another family member wants to use the vineyard for a wedding on short notice, it causes friction in Frankie and Nate's relationship. Can they fix it? Chances are they can, but they'll need help.

The Story of Us, which airs on Saturday, February 9th, stars Maggie Lawson and Sam Page. Lawson plays Jamie, a bookstore owner in a small town in Oregon whose bookstore is being preyed on by a big shot Portland land developer. In a plot twist that could only happen in a Hallmark movie, the developer is her ex, and her current boyfriend is still in the picture... We wonder how it ends!

If you love chocolate (and who doesn't?) then this next one is for you. Lacey Chabert stars as a chocolatier who is jilted by her boyfriend on the eve of traveling to Belgium for a chocolate contest. Of course, she meets a sexy fellow chocolatier when she gets there. Love, Romance, and Chocolate airs Saturday, February 16th.

And last but certainly not least, is another movie about food. Love on the Menu is about Hank, a struggling chef, and Maggie, a frozen food executive. When they are forced to go into business together, the sparks they are feeling complicate things. In the end, Maggie has to choose what's best for her — staying with her boss, or starting fresh with Hank. Love on the Menu airs Saturday, February 23rd.

It's hard to choose which one we're most excited about. Which one will you be tuning in to watch?

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