Over 100 Movies Will Premiere In 2019 On Hallmark Channel

There's a lot to love about the holidays. The decorations, the food, spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. It's definitely our favorite season, and once Halloween wraps up, we are all in for the holidays! It's a long season and seems to get longer every year, and there's a lot of downtime to fill. One of our favorite ways to fill that time is by binge watching movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Is it even Christmas without Hallmark movies?!

We certainly don't think so! Sure, they're corny. They're cheesy. They're unbelievable and always end well and everyone is beautiful and charming. But who cares?? We'll take holiday movies in any form, and Hallmark has turned the holiday movie into an actual art form. Every year, they add more and more movies to their holiday line-up. But this year, we are in for a very special treat.

The Hallmark Channel will be releasing 103 original movies this season. That's right - 103! For comparison, they released just 38 last year. So we are in for some major couch cuddles this holiday season.

When you look at the numbers, we spent a lot of time watching holiday movies on the Hallmark channel last year. The movies are an average of 90 minutes long. 38 new movies at 90 minutes a pop means over 3,400 minutes spent in front of the TV watching holiday movies! It's crazy that we could manage to find that much time, especially considering the size of the laundry pile on any given day.

But that laundry is going to have to wait this holiday season, too. Because the Hallmark Channel is giving us three times the holiday movies, and of course, we have to watch every single one. They're also going to premiere a daytime talk show, a docu-drama, and an original prime-time series.

We seriously can't wait to start binge watching these movies on the Hallmark Channel. They're such a great escape. Plus, you don't have to save them for after the kids go to sleep. There's no violence or inappropriate content, so you can totally sit and watch one with your little ones cuddled around you. What a perfect way to spend the holiday season!

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