Mom Teaches Her 'Ungrateful' Daughter A Very Valuable Lesson

One of the most important things we can do as parents is teach our kids gratitude. But you know what? It's also one of the hardest! Kids aren't born understanding how to feel empathy and appreciate the life we work hard to give them. It's a lesson we try to impart on them every single day. But despite our best efforts, they're kids, and kids are going to be kids sometimes! Their brains are still developing, and they don't always grasp these more complex ideas and lessons. So that means sometimes, we need to help them with some hard truths.

Being a parent is amazing, but it isn't always fun. When you have to be the bad guy (for a really good reason), it sucks! However, we can't let opportunities to teach our kids about gratitude pass us by - these are important lessons, even if they sting. One mom in Florida is being praised after her tough gratitude lesson went viral. We are definitely team mom on this one!

Haley Hassell of Pensacola, Florida shared a story on Facebook on August 13. Reading the story, it's easy to relate to Haley and her tough love! We've all been in situations like this before, and how we handle them can really make a huge difference.

🛑WARNING LONG MOM RANT POST!!! 🛑 Presleigh learned a tough love lesson today... I went to 3 different stores to get that...

Posted by Haley Hassell on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Haley drove to three different stores to get her daughter Presleigh the coveted LOL Doll pencil case she'd been asking for. Presleigh was a bit nervous about starting first grade, so Haley thought this would be a nice way to help her feel better about this big step! But when she got home and presented the pencil case to Presleigh, her daughter's reaction was not what she was expecting. Instead of being excited about the pencil case, Presleigh yelled that it was stupid and she didn't want it anymore!

So Haley did the only thing she could think to do - she went and grabbed a Ziploc bag, and told Presleigh that this would be her pencil case this year. And she took it even further than that! Not only would Presleigh not be using the LOL pencil case Haley bought for her, they'd be finding a child who would appreciate it more and they would be giving it them. You go, mom!

Credit: Facebook / Haley Hassell

In her post, Haley says that as a single mom, she works hard to give her daughter the things she needs and even wants, and she was not about to stand for her daughter taking it for granted and not appreciating the life she has. So she used this opportunity to teach her little girl a tough but super important lesson: to be grateful for what you have, because there are so many kids and families out there who aren't as fortunate.

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