We're Officially Going Too Far With These Hair Leg Nails

A crazy nail video has gone viral on the internet, and it might just be a little much. Watching the clip leaves us wondering what in the world we have just seen.

Nail art has seen many off the wall trends over the last couple of decades. From cute fads like fish nails to strange ones like nails decorated to resemble baby bottles, we thought we had seen it all. However, "hair leg nails" is one of a kind, and it's officially gone a little too far.

The video titled "Hair Leg Nails" went viral on Facebook and its very appropriate caption states, "What on earth did I just watch?" The nail art featured certainly exhibits talent, creativity, and precision. But when the artist adds long, thick hair to the legs, and then shaves them using a real razor, things just get weird.

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The nail artist shown in the video first shapes realistically looking legs attached to nail extensions. The two fingers look so much like legs, you almost forget you're looking at a hand. With the help of electric filer, the feet are precisely shaped. The details in the feet and the perfectly painted red toenails are pretty awesome. Overall, we are impressed by the artist's skills.

Our fascination turns to repulsion when the artist pours what is meant to resemble long, thick leg hair over extensions. It sticks onto the paint, turning the perfectly shaped and feminine legs and feet into super hairy ones. If that leg hair were on a real leg, each piece would probably be about four inches long. It's not that we're disgusted, but we're simply bewildered at this point in the video.

Hair Leg Nails

What on earth did I just watch 😳

Posted by It's Gone Viral on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Next, the artist takes a pink disposable razor and starts shaving the legs. At this point, we are wondering why we're still watching, but we can't look away. The hair does not come off easy either. After several strokes, the person shaving the legs shows us a few pieces of hair on the razor and we're wondering if we are meant to be impressed.

This is definitely not something you see every day (nor would you want to), but no one can deny the talent and artistry in these nails!

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