One In Five Moms Believe They Had Children 'Too Late'

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A recent study has revealed that as many as one in five mothers believe that they had children "too late" in life. Researchers questioned 2,000 moms over the age of 18 and found that many wished they had made the journey into parenthood at a younger age. More than half said that they felt this way because their age made them feel as though they couldn't keep up with their kids, while one in six thought they would've been better equipped to cope with parental pressure if they were younger.

Surprisingly, another 15% of women said that they would have liked to have had their child young enough to be mistaken for their sister instead of their mother. The poll, which was conducted on behalf of MTV for the launch of the latest season of Teen Mom UK, asked British women their views. The researchers found that 26 was considered the "perfect" age to become a first-time mother. Amber Butler, a star of the series, claimed that the research shows younger mothers in a positive light, despite the negative connotations usually discussed.

Energy levels were frequently brought up, as was the desire to be young enough to party with their offspring. 12% of women who wanted to become another earlier would've liked to have been close enough in age to their kids to be able to go out to clubs with them. 23% admitted to being "very aware" of the age difference between themselves and other new mothers, with 38 considered the threshold for being seen as an "old mom". On the flip side, 25 or under was regarded as "young", according the results.

The survey also found a trend in modern parents for having children at a later age, with half saying they were older than their own mother was when she became a parent. 5% of women that wished they had become a parent earlier admitted that having children at a later age had a negative effect on their relationship, although it isn't specified how. 15% said they didn't have enough energy to play with their newborn. Teen mothers that took part also said that they frequently felt like older first-time moms looked down on them as though they were "less of a parent".

How old were you when you had your first child?


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