10 Things Our Mom Did That We Said We Would NEVER Do (But Now We Do Them, Too...)

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Each mom has things they swore they would never do when they became parents… expressions they swore they would never use, actions they swore they would never take.

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There is, however, a day in every mom’s life when we do or say something and realize, ‘I sounded just like my mom,’ or ‘That was just like granny.’

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as often having become more adult, we realize why mom needed to do and say these things. Here are 10 things that our mothers did which we swore we would never do, but we now do:

10 ‘The look’

Ever remember as a child preparing to misbehave in some form or another, and feeling an intense heat from an across-room laser stare burning your little child body. Your mother was giving you ‘the look.’

This is the look that demands utmost respect and requires no explanation. Translated, it means: ‘Don’t you even think of misbehaving in that way.’ You might have caught yourself giving your kid ‘the look’ and noticed them quickly changing their behavior, realizing that you gave ‘the look’ just like your mom always did – and succeeded.

9 The threat

So there are lots of vegetables in the evening casserole, and you watch your little girl or guy sorting through their food on the plate, veggies to one side and ‘the good stuff’ (meat and potatoes) to the other.

If you don’t eat those vegetables, there will be no ice cream,’ you catch yourself saying. You have just used the standard threat technique which you more than likely learned from mom, and her, from her mom.

8 The bribe

This works similarly to ‘the threat,’ only it focuses on the positive, and isn’t phrased negatively, as the threat is.

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They are skillfully using tactics of diversion and manipulation to try and get out of eating the veggies. This is when you pipe up with ‘the bribe.’ It works on an ‘if’ and ‘then’ premise: “If you eat your vegetables, mommy will give you ice cream afterward." When your mom did it as a kid, you swore you would never resort to such tactics, only now, it seems the only way to get your child to try the pumpkin and broccoli mix.

7 ‘We are not leaving this table until…’

Remember sitting at the table, with your plate of untouched food, while mom explained that no-one would leave the table until you had finished something on your plate. “I have all day,” she would say when you thought to delay things might cause her to give in.

You swore you would never use the ‘We are not leaving this table until…’ line. Only now, as a mom, you realize the effectiveness of the line, especially when your child might have brothers or sisters who will give your child ‘the look’ if they don’t hurry up and eat, helping to get the job done and the vegetables quickly eaten.

6 ‘If you say that again, I will have to wash your mouth out with soap’

It seemed a harsh thing to say to a child growing up. Fortunately, it never happened because the thought of having one’s mouth washed out with soap was too terrible to bear. Still, you promised yourself you would never use this line when your child spoke a swear word or said something mean or offensive.

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However, when your child uses a word that makes you do a double-take or leaves you shocked and wondering which little child taught them the word at school, you might find yourself using this phrase out of sheer desperation - realizing, it works!

5 ‘You are not going out of the house dressed like that!’

Do you remember putting on your favorite dress (which was a few sizes too small) and being told you could not wear it! Under no circumstances! You promised you would let your kid wear whatever they wanted.

However, when your child dresses themselves in small, tight outgrown pants and a mismatched top, and insists on wearing something silly, like a crown or cape, you might end up sounding like your mom did, in the recesses of your memory: ‘You are not going out the house dressed like that!

4 ‘When I was your age…’

Parents love to tell kids about how things were so cheap and nice when they were young. Children will often smile and grin and bear the comparison, but don’t you remember listening to your parents and thinking, ‘Well, that was ages ago… why are you telling me this?

Most moms, when their kids become slightly bigger (old enough to hold a conversation with), will catch themselves comparing generational costs and using the line they thought they would never use, ‘When I was your age…’

3 ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’

So your child is demanding a lot of different things, and it is putting pressure on your well-organized budget. As the last straw, you say, “I’m sorry, we can’t get that… money doesn’t grow on trees.

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In all likelihood, your mom said this to you too. Maybe you were one of the children who reasoned money was linked to trees since it was made of paper, and paper originates from wood. Still, you thought you would never use this line and now realize at times; it seems quite necessary.

2 Yelling from across the house

The ‘mother yell’ is a yell not to be reckoned with. It is shrill, piercing, and it commands attention – especially when made from across the house or from across a wide-open space. Usually, it includes the child’s first name, and when the yell is more ‘urgent,’ it contains a second name and surname.

You always thought you would be a mom who never raised her voice, except to say a loving ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’ but now even you – yes, you – are using the ‘mother yell’ to call your child.

1 The face squeeze

In kids' eyes, they are big and 'uncute.' So then it can confuse them when mom comes and plants a big, sloppy kiss on their face and squeezes their cheeks.

You thought you would become a mom who dealt with her kids in a cool, professional way, but now you are one of those moms who embarrasses her kids when she gets snap-happy taking cell phone pictures of cute moments, and who does the dreaded ‘face squeeze.’

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