This Is How Gypsy Rose Reacted To Joey King's Emmy Nomination For 'The Act'

Actress Joey King was overcome with emotion when she learned that she was nominated for her very first Emmy Award for her role as Gypsy Rose Blanchard in Hulu's The Act. The Act was a series that aired on the streaming channel based on the relationship between Gypsy Rose and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard, who was alleged to have Munchausen by Proxy and tortured her daughter for most of her young life before Gypsy Rose and her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, conspired to murder Dee Dee.

While King may be thrilled by her Emmy nomination, Blanchard isn't quite as ecstatic about it. Family spokesperson Fancy Macelli told TMZ that while Blanchard thought that King did a great job acting as her, including nailing her mannerisms and her look, she feels the Hulu series was wildly inaccurate so she has no interest in meeting the young actress who brought her to life on the small screen.

Macelli tells TMZ that Blanchard "has nothing to gain" by actually meeting King because she feels that by doing so would "validate the series' narrative." Blanchard felt the series dramatized many aspects of her life, especially including multiple sex scenes in the series, stating that it wasn't a "true depiction of her sex life." She said that she felt the series made her look like a nymphomaniac. She also took issue with the series showing her mother tying her to her bed multiple times, where she says in reality that only happened on one occasion.

Blanchard is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for second-degree murder, while Godejohn, who admitted to murdering Dee Dee, is serving a life sentence. Blanchard has moved on from her relationship with Godejohn and is now engaged to a man named Ken. The couple met when Ken began writing Blanchard while she was in prison, and have known each other for almost two years now.

While Gypsy Rose may not be in any rush to meet King and congratulate her on her nomination, the actress couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments playing the young Blanchard. "My work on The Act was the most fulfilling and challenging work I’ve gotten to do as an actress thus far," the actress wrote on Instagram. "To be nominated for an Emmy in a category with such INCREDIBLE nominees by my side, especially Patricia is the most surreal feeling. I haven’t stopped crying."

Blanchard may not be a fan of The Act, but the television academy clearly is. Not only was King nominated for her role as Gypsy Rose, but Patricia Arquette, who played Dee Dee Blanchard, was also nominated for an Emmy.

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