Gypsy Rose Blanchard And Her Fiancé Broke Up And Then Got Right Back Together

Not so fast! While it was reported just yesterday that Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the 27-year-old who is currently serving a 10-year jail sentence for the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, has split from her pen pal fiance known only as Ken, the couple is now back together already. Blanchard, who was said to be a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of her mother, who had allegedly abused Gypsy Rose for years, making her fake a number of illnesses.

Blanchard announced in May that she and Ken, a man who had contacted her while she was in prison, were engaged, but earlier this week it was announced that the engagement had ended. "The two were planning to get married in January while Gypsy is still in prison, but they have now canceled those plans," a source told E! News.

"Both Gypsy and Ken are brokenhearted over the situation and still have nothing but love for each other. They each intend on taking some time apart to focus on themselves as individuals."

That time off was short-lived however when just hours later the couple had reconciled, and the wedding was back on.

"I talked to Gypsy. They are back together just taking things slow and are keeping their personal lives personal from here on out," Gypsy's stepmother Kristy Blanchard told E! News of the reconciliation. "When they are ready to talk about their future plans they will. Until then we will keep their relationship out of the media."

Kristy Blanchard also spoke to InTouch and confirmed that the couple "are back together. [The] engagement is on, but [they are] taking things slow and want to keep their relationship as private as possible," she reiterated. While she confirmed the wedding is still on "for now," that "things can change." She went on to add that "if it changes, … the rest will be kept private until they are ready for people to know. … [They] are keeping their personal lives personal from here on out."

Gypsy Rose met Ken when he sent her a letter while she was in prison. The couple began to exchange letters for about a year and a half before they announced their engagement.

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