10 Guaranteed-Fun Sleepover Games For Your Kid's Next Party

There are a lot of things that are an essential part of childhood, and sleepovers are one of them. Sleepovers are a time when children get to spend some time having fun with their best friends. These nights can make for some of the best memories a person can have, as far as their childhood goes. So naturally, moms want to make sure their kids have the most fun possible when they’re attending or hosting one.

There are a lot of fun and safe things kids can do at sleepovers. Here are a few awesome games for children to play during a sleepover.

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10 Camera Game

This game is basically a classic for people of all ages. Plus, it’s a great way to get pictures that will be treasured for a very long time. Those who are playing it will need a point-and-shoot camera that has a flash, and a self-timer. Set the timer, and then pass it from person to person - each one will hold it up in front of them for a second or two (as though taking a selfie), and then pass it along... until the timer goes off, and someone gets snapped! It's a fun way to take sleepover selfies to the next level, especially if you include funny faces.

9 Skits In A Bag

Skits In A Bag is a really fun game, especially for kids, since kids can often be pretty dramatic. This game is exactly what it sounds like. The players are supposed to divide into teams of four to seven people, and a bag containing different props is needed.

Each of the players gets three props, and they have twenty minutes to come up with a skit. Then they act out the skit. Sometimes it’s good to give them a theme. Skits In A Bag requires very little, but players must have a big imagination in order to enjoy playing it.

8 Spin Tasty

Before this game is played, it is important to make sure that none of the players have food allergies. The things that are needed for it are seven plates, a bottle to spin, two tasty treats, and some condiments or something else that would be hard to eat on its own.

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The plates should be placed in a circle, and the bottle needs to be placed in the middle of them. Put the two tasty treats on two plates, and the other food on the five plates that remain. Players take turns spinning the bottle, and they have to eat whatever is on the plate it points to.

7 Name That Tune

Okay so, this is probably one of the most simple games there is to play. But that does not mean that it is not as fun as any of the other games kids play at sleepovers.

Basically, the premise of this game is to be able to guess the name of a song. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Players have to name it before the artist even begins to sing the lyrics.

There are lots of different versions of this game, which is called Name That Tune. It can even be played on smartphones and computers. But there is nothing like playing with a group of great friends.

6 Cucumber Face Race

This game is a hit with people of all ages. It only requires two players, but more are always welcome since there is no limit to the number of people that can play it.

The only thing needed for this game is something thin, like a flat piece of chocolate or a slice of a cucumber. Each player puts the chocolate or cucumber on their forehead, and then they try to move it to their mouth without using their hands.

If the food falls off, the player must start over. The first team to successfully accomplish this wins the game. It’s a fun and simple game to play.

5 Skittles

All of the players of this game are supposed to sit in a circle, and each of the participants gets a cup and a straw. It also takes dice and skittles, or any other small, sweet candy.

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Then, each player must suck on the straw in order to attach one piece of candy to it, and try and put the candy in their cup. The player next to the one with the straw rolls a dice, and when they roll a six, it’s their turn to try to put skittles in their cup. The object of the game is to be the person who has the most skittles in their cup.

4 Blind Makeover Game

Every kid involved in the game gives a makeover to one of the other kids. But what makes the Blind Makeover game such an awesome one is the fact that each player must first put on a blindfold before she begins giving any of the others a makeover. This is a great opportunity to have some fun, plus the results probably make for some great photos that each of the kids will cherish.

It is pretty hard not to have a great time playing this game. The Blind Makeover game is sure to be a big hit with lots of little ones.

3 Tin Foil Fashion Show

In order to play Tin Foil Fashion Show, participants must split up into teams of two or three people, and then they must also have one person who will be the judge. Each team must choose one person to be their model, and the others have to design the outfit... out of tinfoil, of course!

Once everyone has finished, each model will get the chance to show off their team’s work. This is also a good time to take pictures. The Tin Foil Fashion Show game is lots of fun, and it really brings out the creative side in all of the kids who play it.

2 Spin The Nail Polish Bottle

Since there is nail polish involved in this game, an adult or two should probably stick around to supervise any children who play it. Spin The Nail Polish Bottle requires approximately eight bottles of nail polish, cotton balls, an old towel to keep the floor from getting polish on it, and a bottle, or something else they can spin. Each player must spin the bottle and then paint one of their toenails with the color the bottle points at.

The game ends when every kid has painted each of her toenails. Also, the leftover polish can be given to each kid as a party favor.

1 Truth Or Dare

This is a really awesome game in general, but it is a particularly great game to play with large groups because it helps each player get to know the other players. This game is extremely simple. Someone asks another person if they would rather be dared to complete a task or reveal something (this is usually a very personal fact) about themselves.

Once they make a choice, they cannot go back on their decision. There are some other variations of this game as well - and of course, it should be played in good fun, without anything too revealing or dangerous asked, or dared.

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