Grumpy People Are More Likely To Live Longer And Earn More

Whenever we hear the word "grumpy" most of us associate it with a negative connotation, probably because of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (thanks Disney). We think of all the "bah humbug" kind of people in our lives, the ones who never smile and look at the negative in every single situation that they face. It's a fact of life that you will encounter people like this at least once in your life, but more likely it will happen on a daily basis.

However, maybe all these grumpy people have it all figured out.

A new study by the BBC is revealing some pretty interesting findings about all the grumps in our lives: they just might live longer, earn more money, and the list of benefits keeps going on and on.

But what about the people who are positive and almost always in good moods? Science says that this comes with the risks of being both selfish and gullible in life.

This really makes you think about your perspective on life, huh?

Joseph Forgas worked with colleagues from the University of New South Wales in Australia to see how mood can impact our daily lives. To do this, he had volunteers watch either happy or sad movies to change their moods. He found that whenever they were in a good mood people were less likely to make good decisions, were more gullible and less likely to think skeptically. Whenever they were in a bad mood, they acted the opposite. 

She shared that negative moods mean that maybe we're in a new or challenging situation that requires us to think on our toes, be more observant and pay more attention to detail. However, when a person is feeling down, they pay much more attention to detail.

Then, when it comes to being successful in life, her findings indicate that people who are more optimistic about what they are trying to achieve can actually be more problematic than positive.

It's almost like we've been told the wrong thing all our lives and now we need to shift our thinking in order to get what we really want and be accomplished. We guess that Grumpy has things right the whole time. Time to channel him as we go about it day and keep our fingers crossed that it all pays off in the end.

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