Growing Up With Farrah: 20 Things She Makes Her Daughter Do

Is it really true that there's no such thing as bad publicity? To a celebrity like Farrah Abraham, every news headline and article may be a stepping stone in her career. It's crucial to stay relevant in the eyes of the public. Thankfully for the Teen Mom star, she has no problem doing that. Farrah has made front page news time and time again for her questionable and unconventional parenting style with daughter Sophia. Living such a public life on social media means all eyes on you at all times, a reality that has come back to bite Farrah countless times. Still, the reality star has now turned her nine-year-old into a celebrity.

She has her own personal stylist, makeup artist, and source of income -- but many believe it's Farrah pulling the strings and running the show. We've rounded up 20 hard-to-believe things Farrah makes her daughter do, from promoting mommy's business on Twitter to attending Hollywood parties to fighting her celebrity battles. Sophia is blessed in many ways to travel around the world, but whatever happened to a regular childhood? Is it overrated in the celebrity world? You may be surprised to read about the backlash Farrah has faced over the years for Sophia's upbringing.

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20 Post Questionable Pics To Instagram

On multiple occasions, fans, followers, and observers of Sophia's Instagram page have questioned her photos and captions. Surely, it's not the nine-year-old coming up with this stuff. The average nine-year-old writes about toys, animals, or their friends -- not about their mother's figure in a swimsuit. The average toddler also doesn't look up paparazzi pictures on the internet and save them to her phone.

Another inappropriate example showed Sophia taking a shower on a luxury plane. You can only see her head and shoulders, but some Instagram commenters thought that was too much. "I would never post this of my child," one user wrote.

19 Earn Her Own Money

Via: OK! Magazine

This may be the reason Farrah launched Sophia's Instagram account at age six: she has to earn her own money. With so many influencers and bloggers painting the way, making a career out of social media is pretty common these days. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of brands out there who would love to have their product featured on her poppin' page (with over 500,000 followers). Farrah has said that she expects Sophia to work in order to “maintain their status” of socialites and reality star celebrities. Farrah truly believes she's doing what's best for her daughter's future by documenting her life on Instagram.

18 Use Twitter To Promote Mom's Business

Via: oxygen.com

If you've been Farrah's career for a while, you probably know about her foray into the film industry. No more details on that.

Sophia is also very active on Twitter, which is where Farrah decided to share a link and promote her "projects."

Yep, we're serious. There was a link and a graphic thumbnail on Sophia's Twitter account, followed by outraged comments from followers. "This is disturbing," one wrote in 2017, "I support what you do but I cannot support this. Sophia is a child and this shouldn't be posted on her Twitter or YouTube. How inappropriate."

You can't make this stuff up.

17 Get Involved In Mom's Celebrity Feuds

Via: youtube.com

New year, new beef. In January of 2016, Farrah went head-to-head with Nicki Minaj in a Twitter battle. It all started when the "Anaconda" rapper accused Farrah of being a (bad word) to her mother. Then she added extra fuel to the fire by laughing at Farrah's "movies" that we mentioned in the previous entry.

Needless to say, the back-and-forth insults went on for a while with the whole world watching. It looks like Farrah had one more trick up her sleeve to win the fight once and for all: Sophia. Farrah filmed a video of her daughter calling Nicki a "loser."

16 Wax Her Eyebrows

Can't a girl's eyebrows just grow in peace? Farrah made headline news yet again when she defended her decision to wax Sophia's eyebrows at home. "People just kept commenting on a unibrow," she explained on Good Morning America in 2013. "And I was like, maybe I am letting it go too far."

Farrah also shared in her blog post that Sophia was taken aback when she put wax on her eyebrows. So, she decided to pluck her eyebrows in the middle of the night while Sophia was asleep.

That's not any better. "She was more intrigued now to be okay with upkeeping her non-unibrow. I could tell she was proud."

15 Befriend Only Famous People

Via: tah-heetch.com

Last but not least, Farrah only allows Sophia to have friends in high places. On the one hand, she has a point since most un-famous people, especially children, don't understand the celebrity world Sophia lives in filled with paparazzi and news reports. That's why it may be easier for Sophia to have a famous inner circle with people who have a similar lifestyle and can relate.

But at the same time, shouldn't Sophia be able to pick her own friends based on who she likes, instead of their social standing?

Farrah doesn't want her daughter to fall in with the wrong crowd or anyone who may want to take advantage.

14 Share Stories With The Press

Via: romper.com

If you're an animal lover, this next entry may sting. In July of 2018, Farrah broke the news that her dog, Blue, passed away at the young age of five. Fans were begging to know what happened, and some even speculated that the Teen Mom star didn't take good care of it.

That's when Farrah shifted the spotlight onto Sophia. Shortly after the online uproar, Sophia wrote this on social media,

"My only choice was to toss him outside and then I did."

Uhhh...what? Was that Sophia's way of admitting responsibility? Either way, Sophia should not be spilling details to get the press riled up.

13 Attend Court Hearings For Legal Drama

Via: nbc.com

Sometimes being attached at the hip can be a bad thing. What started as a mommy-and-me outing quickly turned into a parenting fiasco when Farrah brought her daughter along to court. Making matters worse, it was to watch mommy get arraigned. In July of 2018, Farrah got in trouble following a situation with a security guard who had asked her to leave the Beverly Hills Hotel.

She pled not guilty during her hearing with Sophia in the same room, listening to every word. How do you explain something like that to a toddler? And why not hire a babysitter for the day?

12 Listen To Mom's Dating Advice

As a single mom, Farrah has every right to explore the dating world and meet new guys. We only wish Sophia didn't have to be around to listen to mom's taste in men. Farrah sat down with The Cruz Show radio show in August to talk about romance and to potentially set her up with rapper 6ix9ine.

With Sophia seated right next to her, Farrah asked why he has the number "69" in his stage name. If you know the reference, then you know it's beyond inappropriate. Farrah admitted that she liked his colorful hair, grill, and the fact that he has a dog.

11 Pose With Volatile Animals

Being the daughter of a celebrity has its perks. Lavish vacations, a massive walk-in closet, and never having to be stressed about money or paying rent. That's a life some of us can only dream of. The only problem with such a staggering number of life experiences is that some of them are not suitable for a nine-year-old. For example, Sophia posed with this hawk all by herself in Dubai.

Farrah has also admitted to leaving Sophia alone for periods of time as she needs a "break" from parenting every now and then.

Sorry, Farrah, but parenting is a full-time job and life commitment. There are no breaks.

10 Interact With Fans

Sophia may be the bravest nine-year-old we know. Some kids would be terribly shy about interacting with adults on a daily basis, but not her. Farrah has Sophia mingling and socializing with her fans on a daily basis -- even when she's not in the mood. Here's what she said to Cosmopolitan magazine: "Sophia is so quick to be like, 'I don't wanna take a photo,' or, 'I don't really want to talk to them.'

I understand that there's a lot of people on us a lot of time and it's a lot of giving, but I also want her to know that these people probably waited hours to meet her."

9 Wear A Full Face Of Makeup

Via: wetpaint.com

There's no harm in little girls playing with their mother's makeup. But when a full face of eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, and mascara becomes the norm, people are going to raise an eyebrow. That's what happened this past July when Sophia and Farrah attended a basketball game in Los Angeles. In Farrah's Snapchat stories, fans saw Sophia wearing blue eyeshadow with pink lipstick and curls in her hair.

Experts say age 10 is the absolute youngest a child's skin should be exposed to makeup.

They should start with lip gloss between the ages of 10 - 12 and gradually move to foundation at 13 - 14.

8 Live An Influencer Life On The 'Gram


At only nine-years-old, Sophia has an Instagram following of 500,000 -- and that number is growing by the day. There's no need for a toddler to have an account, but perhaps what's most surprising is that Farrah started it when her daughter was six. Sophia's account has been active for three years and she's already an influencer.

At six-years-old, Sophia didn't have a say in starting an Instagram page. That was something Farrah decided all on her own.

What if Sophia wanted a regular childhood, away from the cameras and glitz and glamour of Hollywood red carpets? Guess we'll never know now...

7 Walk The Red Carpet

As a socialite, it's Farrah's job to stay relevant within the Hollywood spotlight. That involves going to parties, walking the red carpet, and having her picture taken on a daily basis. But does Sophia have to come along for the ride? One look at her Instagram page is enough proof that she walks the red carpet as often as Farrah. It's as though she has become a celebrity in her own right. Sophia has attended the Cannes Film Festival, the VMAs, and the MTV Movie and TV Awards -- just to name a few. In some cases, she doesn't even hold Farrah's hand on the carpet and does it solo instead.

6 Go To Hollywood Parties

Via: romper.com

Is a Hollywood party really the best place for a nine-year-old to be hanging out at night? Farrah's daughter is not the greatest plus-one idea. Parties usually have people drinking, acting wild on the dance floor, and engaging in heavy PDA.

Can you imagine what Sophia does at these parties? Does she sit in the corner by herself while Farrah socializes?

Also, what do people think when they see Sophia there? Most toddlers we know have a curfew before midnight, and these parties typically go until two in the morning. Heck, sometimes there's even an afterparty. We don't think any bedtime stories are exchanged at these events.

5 Value Looks And Materialistic Items

It's no secret that Farrah has had a few, um, enhancements. She's confessed to having work done on her nose, chin, among others. If these procedures were Farrah's way of boosting her self-confidence, then great, but it's not what Sophia should be thinking about at such a young age.

"The only thing that Sophia has mentioned that she wanted was cosmetic dentistry, like I have," the reality star said in an interview. "Sophia's gonna be better than her mom!"

That statement seems to imply that eventually, Sophia is going to have more work done than her mom.

4 Take Photographs

Via: moms.com

Would it really be surprising to hear that Sophia is Farrah's personal photographer? And vice versa? Nearly all of the pictures of Sophia's account were taken by her mom. The occasional selfie here and there is totally fine, but what gave readers pause is when Farrah admitted to undressing in front of Sophia and having her snap a picture. She released a quote to TMZ admitting to photos with a lot of skin showing "because we're like a mom and daughter crew."

That doesn't even make sense. Whatever happened to personal privacy? Or boundaries of any kind?

3 Look After The Family Pets

Via: mtv.com

Kids are always asking for putties and kittens. But what they don't realize is the amount of responsibility behind owning a pet. So, what did Farrah do? She went out and bought a pony for Sophia without either of them knowing how to properly care for it. Animal activists may have something to say about this next detail.

Sophia and her friends painted little Starburst, the pony's name, neon pink and purple on its mane, back, and hooves.

Remember, certain brands of paint can be toxic and damaging to the skin. Of course, Farrah posted a picture of the painted pony and received backlash.

2 Dress To The Nines

While some of us dream of having personal stylists and a glam squad, it's not at the top of Sophia's priority list. In fact, it's Farrah who makes her dress to the nines at all times. Farrah is so strict about this rule that she won't let Sophia dress herself. Instead, she'll have professionals come in every morning to pick out her outfits, makeup, and hairstyle for the day. This kind of treatment is normal amongst celebrities, as is the pressure to look good in every single photo. But how will Sophia develop her own personal style if someone is dictating it for her?

1 Read And Watch Whatever She Wants

Via: So Yummy

Despite having so many rules, Farrah is completely carefree about what Sophia watches, reads, and listens to. That includes certain kinds of movies and anything with adult subject matter. She doesn't want to restrict Sophia's interests or pull wool over her eyes when it comes to the real world.

In her mind, Sophia is going to learn about all this stuff anyway, so why not now?

Farrah feels that it would be wrong to hide things from her daughter. She has a point, to some degree, but there are certain things kids should be protected from until they're older to understand and form their own opinion.

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