Growing Up Near Grandparents Is Good For Your Kid's Health, Science Says

It takes a village to raise a child, and if that village includes grandparents, everybody is better off. While one research study recently showed that many grandparents don't get to see their grandchildren, new scientific findings proves that the little ones who do have another generation in their lives are beyond blessed.

There are actual health benefits for kids who have grandparents actively in their lives, according to the report released from researchers at the University of Oxford.

Moms and dads are well aware of the benefits of free babysitting, along with the downside of sneaking treats and having every parental decision questioned. But they might be surprised at the overall impact. According to the research, the kids with grandparents involved had less emotional and behavioral issues.

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The scientists found the same benefits whether it is a grandmother or a grandfather, although they noted that grandmas are more likely to nurture the child, while the grandfathers tend to be involved in activities. That's definitely true in my kids' lives, where Mimi is the go-to for advice and Granddad is good for a game of catch.

What's even more note-worthy is that the statistics are even stronger for kids who are being raised in divorced or single-parent households. It's nice for single moms and dads to know that getting extra help from the grandparents is doing the kids right in more ways than one.

Some kids don't get to spend weekends baking cookies in grandma's kitchen and shooting hoops with grandpa — sometimes there is a family rift or illness or just geographical reasons that keep them apart. But many times their parents have fond memories of their own time with the older generation, and they want to pass on those benefits — the tangible and intangible ones — to their own little ones.

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Grandparents might not always be on the same page in terms of serving vegetables and discipline, but even if they are spoiling the kids, they are providing the emotional support and love that can mean so much more to a child's future — even more than science can quantify.

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