Growing Up Kaia Gerber: 20 Truths About Being The Daughter Of Cindy Crawford

Kaia Gerber is the daughter of the legendary supermodel, Cindy Crawford. Her Dad is Rande Gerber, who co-owns a company with George Clooney. Born into wealth and privilege, Kaia has been blessed with many of her mom's physical attributes, including a willowy figure, model height and a thick mane of lustrous brown hair.

While Kaia isn't a carbon copy of her famous mother, she looks enough like her to get plenty of attention...and lots of modeling jobs. Anyone who is curious about what it's been like for Kaia to grow up the daughter of a supermodel will enjoy this list. It's packed with facts about her childhood, her family and what she's up to right now.

Along with Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, Kaia is part of a new wave of supermodels.

She's very young, so Kaia is likely to have a long and successful career ahead of her. It remains to be seen if she'll leave as big of an impact on the fashion world as Cindy Crawford.

Cindy Crawford inspired a Prince song and was known for being a consummate professional, whom clients and model agents could always trust. She rose to fame alongside the "first wave" of supermodels, including Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista. Cindy is known for her famous beauty mark.

20 She’s Already Modeling At Age 16


Children of celebs find it easy to get into show business, whether they want to model or act. Their famous parents have the right connections and use them to give their kids helping hands.

When you're the daughter of a supermodel, becoming a model is so simple. That doesn't mean that it isn't hard work.

Kaia got her first modeling job at the age of ten. She's now flying all over the world for jobs, and she's still only sixteen. The constant traveling seems to be the aspect of modeling that Kaia enjoys the least. We all know that traveling is tiring.

According to The Guardian, Gerber would choose "transportation" as her personal superpower to cut down on jet lag.

19 She Doesn't Look Like Her Mom Cindy Crawford


If you compare pictures of Cindy Crawford when she started modeling and pics of Kaia right now, you'll see a lot of similarities.

However, something is different, too. Cindy and her daughter don't look exactly alike, although the media likes to say that they do.

Kaia is a little bit more delicate in terms of her features and build, she doesn't have the beauty mark and her eyes are a bit closer together. Still, it's a pretty close resemblance which certainly doesn't hurt Kaia as she vies for jobs in the modeling industry.

Karl Lagerfeld is one fashion brand that's banking on the novelty factor of Kaia Gerber. She's been hired by the company to front a new fashion collection, according to Karl.com.

18 Her Dad Is a Successful Business Owner


Kaia's mom is a big success and so is her Dad. Her father, Rande Gerber, used to be a model and now runs two nightlife firms. Gerber is an entrepreneur who owns a portfolio of lounges, bars, and restaurants all over the world. You may already know that he owns Casamigos tequila with George Clooney.

Rande adores his daughter and misses her when she's away modeling. He also doesn't hesitate to hop on a plane and fly to Paris if needs to see her.

His official Instagram account shows off a luxurious lifestyle, as well as his favorite tequila brand, not to mention his famous wife and model kids.

17 She’s Family Friends With The Clooneys


George Clooney and Kaia's father, Rande Gerber are really close friends who went into business together. George and Rande are like two peas in a pod, so Kaia grew up knowing George Clooney.

Since Kaia is so young, she still lives with Mom and Dad and she loves family life.

He's a famous family friend who is so glamorous. Now that George has twins, Ella and Alexander with his gorgeous and brainy wife, Amal, Kaia will be able to get to know his kids, too.

Rande and George are so close they decided to build fancy vacation homes which are right beside each other, according to Architectural Digest.

16 Her Brother Is Also A Model


Cindy Crawford and her husband both modeled, and Cindy still models when she feels like it, so it's no surprise that her two kids both got great genes that make it easy for them to model, too.

Kaia is getting a lot of buzz in the fashion world and so is her older brother, Presley, whose white-blond hair and chiseled features make him an interesting blend of Mom and Dad.

Presley Gerber was born in July of 1999, so he's currently nineteen, according to Famousbirthdays.com. He has walked high-fashion runways, just like his sister, and he is set to appear in a new Calvin Klein Jeans fall 2018 ad campaign.

15 She Appeared On A Vogue Paris Cover With Her Mom


Kaia shot the first cover of her modeling career during spring of 2016, according to Vogue. She appeared with her model mom, Cindy.

In February of 2018, Kaia appeared on the same magazine's cover, all by herself. For her solo cover, she was photographed by David Sims, dressed in a wild hot pink and black outfit which included high boots with dramatic fringes.

Kaia must have loved getting a solo cover as it's definitely a sign of success. Models keep track of their covers and most want Vogue covers more than any others.

Will Kaia get Vogue USA's cover, like Kendall Jenner?

14 Cindy Crawford Gave Birth to Kaia At Home


Cindy Crawford chose home births for both of her children. According to Essentialbaby, Cindy had a trio of midwives on hand while she was in labor (for Kaia's birth and older brother Presley's birth), as well as her husband, Rande.

Cindy Crawford kept quiet about opting for a home birth before her first child was born as she knew that some people don't approve of home births. Even Rande questioned her decision to give birth at home, but she stuck to her birth plan and found the process of childbirth surreal.

Cindy surely had the best midwives because she's very wealthy, and was lucky not to run into any complications while in labor.

13 She Has A Special Relationship With The Versace Fashion House


Cindy Crawford stopped the traffic --and ruled the runway and the red carpet-- wearing Versace frocks in her modeling prime.

You may remember Cindy's scarlet "safety pin" dress, which had a plunging neckline and a form-fitting shape. Cindy wore the Versace gown to the 1998 Oscars, which she attended with then-fiancé, Richard Gere, according to the Daily Mail.

Cindy's marriage to Richard Gere didn't work out, but Cindy is happy with Rande now. Cindy's past with the Versace brand means that Kaia also has a great relationship with them, which makes it a no-brainer for her to be modeling for them now and looking amazing while doing it.

12 She Doesn’t Consider Herself A Supermodel


With a mother so influential in fashion, who was definitely a real supermodel, it's not too much of a shock that Kaia doesn't feel like a supermodel yet.

The term, supermodel, is thrown around a lot these days, but few models actually deserve it.

A true supermodel lands huge exclusive contracts with major brands, does high-fashion editorial work, as well as more commercial work, and is generally a household name.

Kaia isn't a household name...yet. Maybe, someday soon, she'll be as famous as supermodel, Kendall Jenner, who has 95.3 followers on Instagram. Kaia has 3.7 million followers, which is good but possibly not "supermodel' good.

11 Karlie Kloss Gave Her Modeling Advice


Karlie Kloss is known for being friendly, smart and fun. She is an overall good role model. According to Teen Vogue, Kaia thinks of Karlie as a big sister because Karlie has offered her helpful advice about modeling and life.

When Kaia was about to turn sixteen, she walked the runways at New York Fashion Week for the first time. Shortly beforehand, the models posted on Instagram about their friendship. They even posted pics of themselves, wearing slippers and hotel bathrobes.

Karlie is clearly very secure as a person and more than willing to help out newbies. Some models are way more competitive than Karlie Kloss.

10 She Says Cindy Is Down-to-earth And A Good Mom


Cindy Crawford was never one of the party girl models. She was a model who had been the valedictorian at her high school, and then went on to study Chemical Engineering at a university on a scholarship, before being lured away by modeling.

Since Cindy always had her head on straight, it's very believable that she is a down-to-earth mother. Kaia says Cindy separates her work life and home life and admires her mother for the way that she handles things.

She finds her mother kind and genuine and was bewitched by her mother's beauty when she was a child, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website.

9 She Likes Tomboy Style


Kaia prefers tomboy style for her own wardrobe, rather than fussy clothes that she can't move in, which are tight and/or revealing. She dresses up sometimes but is usually photographed in jeans or casual pants or shorts.

Her new fashion collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld x Kaia, includes pieces that do reflect her own personal style, such as a boyfriend-style leather moto jacket.

According to the Stealherstyle, Kaia will dress down feminine separates, such as frilly sundresses, by adding a pair of Converse. She has to dress up for work sometimes, but her typical style is more casual and comfortable.

8 She Used To Borrow Mom’s Clothes And Accessories


Imagine all of the high-fashion goodies in Cindy Crawford's closet! Wouldn't you love to try some of them on? When you're Kaia Gerber, you can play dress-up in mom's closet. It's one of the perks of being a supermodel's daughter.

According to Yahoo, Kaia is most appreciative of the vintage designs in Cindy's closet, rather than the new stuff. Cindy has Versace couture from the 90s and pieces like that definitely interest her daughter.

Since Cindy seems like a really cool mom, she probably enjoyed watching her little girl try on her clothes and accessories...maybe she still does.

7 Her Mom Protects Her In The Modeling World


Cindy Crawford is so iconic, makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, created a lipstick in her honor. It's called "Super Cindy" and it is a nice taupe shade that has a touch of 90s glamour, according to Net-a-Porter.

Cindy knows the modeling world inside and out and that's why she's the perfect person to protect her daughter from bad deals and dishonest people.

While Cindy keeps a watchful eye and accompanies her daughter to many fashion events, she's more scared of Kaia driving alone than she is of her daughter's entrance into the fashion world. Kaia is new to driving and Cindy worries.

6 She’s Part Of Kendall Jenner's Modelling Squad


Kaia is friends with Kendall Jenner, who is really the big-time supermodel in the current wave of celeb offspring models.

Next to Kaia's three and a half million followers, Kendall has a whopping 93 million followers on Instagram.

While Kendall is definitely in the lead right now, based on social media power, Kaia may catch up in the future. These two don't seem too competitive. Kaia has a lot of power of her own in the fashion world, thanks to her famous mother, and she's buddies with Kendall, as well as Karlie Kloss.

If Kendall is the queen, Kaia is a lady-in-waiting with very bright prospects.

5 She Loves Animals


Kaia has had a very nice upbringing. She's been well taken care of by her famous mom and successful dad. Kaia enjoys home life and also loves spending time with the family pets. According to In Style, Kaia loves to cuddle with the Gerber family canines while she wears her PJ's.

Remember, she's only 16, even though she poses in high-fashion clothes that make her look a little older. She has posted pics at Instagram of her beloved dogs, who are named Widget and Sugar. She has also said that she wishes she could have a snake that travels with her while she's working, and she loves turtles, too.

4 She’s Into The Outdoor Lifestyle


The Gerbers are into spending time outside. They recharge from their high-powered and glam careers by communing with nature. Obviously, they have all of the outdoor toys that anyone could want, from motorboats to canoes to outdoor furniture and beyond.

The family goes on hikes and bike rides regularly, and Kaia loves natural beauty, as well as the natural world. According to Dotnews.com, she is thrilled that natural beauty is making a comeback. This look suits her and it's also in fashion.

When Kaia isn't working, she generally keeps her makeup simple. She sticks to a couple of makeup products from Marc Jacobs. She's not into the overdone look in her private life.

3 Her Family Has a House in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


When the family needs a break from the home base in Malibu, California, they head for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they have a second home that is incredibly gorgeous.

It's decorated tastefully and it's right on the beach. It's also right next door to George Clooney's vacation home, according to Architectural Digest. Mexico is a happy place for Kaia, where she's able to spend time outside and hang out with her family.

Basking in the warm sun of Mexico isn't so different from soaking up the sun in Malibu, but Mexico has a different vibe. It's not Hollywood, after all.

2 She’s Gotten Cozy With Actor Luka Sabbat


Luka Sabbat is in the press a lot these days. He's one of those guys who may just be a modelizer. He's cute, successful (he stars in Grown-ish) and, apparently, a big hit with the ladies.

He's currently linked with Kourtney Kardashian, according to the Daily Mail, but he got cozy with Kaia, too. Maybe Kaia and Luka are just friends.

If Luka is going to become a real Kardashian significant other, he better beware of the Kardashian curse, which tends to leave men who date women in the family with worse reputations. Kaia is way too young to settle down, so she has plenty of time to find Mr. Right.

1 She Used To Date Travis Jackson


Kaia used to hang out with Travis Jackson and they have been photographed trying to avoid the paparazzi, according to X17.com. Kaia is a teenager and she's going to have friends and/or boyfriends.

She deserves some privacy as she grows up and makes choices about who she wants to be with.

However, it's safe to say that she's going to need to keep ducking the paparazzi for years. That's the price that she pays for a high-profile family and a high-profile modeling career.

Loss of privacy is a fact of life for celeb offspring, and it usually starts when they are just babies.

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