Growing Up Farrah: 20 Ways Sophia Has It Different

Love her or dislike her, Farrah Abraham is a part of our pop culture history, and the Teen Mom star surely isn't planning on going anywhere anytime soon. Judging from what we can tell so far, her almost ten-year-old daughter Sophia seems to be loving the spotlight just as much as her mama does. While it isn't uncommon that kids nowadays are sharing their famous parent's spotlight, we wanted to take a closer look at both Sophia and Farrah's childhoods, in order to see how different they actually are.

While many tend to judge Farrah for her rather unusual and questionable parenting methods, people should remember that she was a teen mom, and she is doing all of this in the public eye, where every mistake she makes ends up being a news article. That being said, it's not clear that Farrah would be in any "How to Parent" guidebook. Who knows? Maybe one day when she's old she'll write a book on her own personal experience, whether it's from her own childhood or from raising her daughter Sophia.

Okay, here they are, 20 ways Farrah and Sophia's childhoods are different.

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20 Farrah Had A Bad Relationship With Her Parents Growing Up

There have been plenty of interviews in which Farrah claims to have been physically and emotionally affected by her parents growing up; which her parents have denied on multiple occasions. Regardless of what actually happened, it is pretty obvious that Farrah had a bad relationship with her parents growing up. While she may not have always had it easy, it can't be denied that even with all her parenting flaws Farrah is still trying to be a good and supportive parent to her daughter Sophia, and judging from Sophia, Farrah is not doing too bad of a job at all.

19 Sophia's Grandma Wants To Take Her From Farrah

Farrah's mom Debra Danielsen is definitely a big judge of Farrah's parenting skills. She thinks they are so bad that she sort of insisted on adopting her granddaughter Sophia.

Debra claimed Sophia would be much happier growing up with her, and that she would have more of a normal childhood.

Now, we're not really here to judge, but if your own mother thinks you're incapable of raising your child, then that definitely means something. Sophia is almost ten years old, and we doubt her grandma will ever manage to go through with this whole adoption thing.

18 And No Wonder, Farah Once Forgot Sophia In A Supermarket

Well, once this came out, Farrah's mom couldn't be blamed anymore. Seriously, forgetting your child in a supermarket? That sounds extreme. Except, Farrah probably isn't the only parent that this had happened to... it just so happened that she, for some reason, thought that sharing it with the whole world would be a good idea. Guess she expected people to take it lightly and laugh about it, instead, she got bombarded with disapproval.

Well, either way, Sophia is fine, and no longer lost at a supermarket, and that's all that matters.

17 Farrah Has A Sister

One pretty big difference between Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia is that Farrah had an older sister growing up. Of course, anyone who keeps up with Farrah and her exciting life knows that she and her sister Ashley Danielson aren't really too close, in fact, the two barely ever talk. However, growing up that may have been different, and at Sophia's age, Farrah had a sister to play with and one she maybe even looked up to. While Sophia won't ever have an older one, who knows she might one day get a younger sibling.

16 Farrah Spent A Lot Of Time In Family Therapy Growing Up

As already mentioned, Farrah had a pretty rough childhood in terms of family relationship. Which is why she and her family went to a lot of family therapy sessions. Truth be told, when things do go wrong seeking out a professional's help is always the right way to go. However, we can't help but compare this to Sophia's upbringing and the fact that she doesn't go to therapy. Of course, that isn't a bad thing, but considering that the child is in the spotlight a lot, perhaps going to therapy with her mom wouldn't be all too bad?

15 Farah Grew Up Looking Natural

Remember how we said Sophia is not only allowed to wear whatever makeup she wants, but also very encouraged to do so? Well, old school yearbook pics of her mom show us that Farrah either wasn't allowed to or didn't want to wear makeup.

Farrah grew up totally rocking the natural look, and might we add that she looked absolutely adorable doing so!

Hard to imagine Farrah as a ten-year-old not really caring that much about whether her hair is looking good or her outfit is on point, but rather just running around the playground playing with other kids.

14 Sophia Is Allowed To Wear Makeup

Sophia Abraham is a nine-year-old that is allowed to wear a full face of makeup whenever she wants.

Now while some may think that's not okay for a kid of her age - and they are not totally wrong - we have to give it to Farrah: she is letting her daughter express herself in any way she wants.

That is a freedom that many of her peers do not have. And who knows, maybe Sophia will grow up to become the next big celebrity with a big makeup line. She sure started early enough to know her highlighter from her contour.

13 And Farrah Tried To Wax Her Eyebrows

The fact that Sophia is obsessed with beauty is probably Farrah's fault. According to some interviews, Farah tried to wax her daughter's eyebrows. While makeup may be okay, waxing a nine-year-old's eyebrows is a bit too excessive. But hey, then again, who are we to judge? If little Sophia is enjoying these beauty makeover procedures, and the two are having a lovely mother-daughter bonding experience, maybe it's not all too bad. While a lot of Farrah's parenting choices are judged, we can't deny that little Sophia seems like a pretty happy and healthy girl!

12 Farrah Grew Up In Iowa

Farrah had a pretty basic childhood up until, well, Teen Mom. Once she got pregnant and ended up on MTV's reality TV show, Farrah's life pretty much totally changed. Not only because she had a child, but also because she was kind of turning into a celebrity. Either way, while Farrah grew up in Iowa, her daughter is growing up a bit everywhere, but mainly, you guessed it, in Los Angeles. And if you were wondering, yes, Sophia is homeschooled, which is another difference in upbringing compared to her mom. This way she can move and travel with her busy mama.

11 Farrah Didn't Have A Bunch Of Cameras In Her Face Until She Was On Teen Mom

Another huge difference between Farrah's and Sophia's childhood is that Farrah didn't have a bunch of reality TV cameras in her face when she was a child. While Sophia is probably used to it, and maybe even enjoys it, it is an unusual way to grow up. Growing up like this means that a lot of things were taken from Sophia. On the other hand, she will always have somewhat of a video diary to look back onto once she's old. Farrah had a fairly normal childhood, and only became a regular with cameras once she got pregnant as a teen.

10 Sophia Meets Farrah's Fans

Via: toofab.net

For some reason, Farrah tends to bring her daughter with her when she goes to meet and greet's with fans. Which means that Sophia ends up meeting a lot of Farrah fans, and well, we just hope they keep the conversations short, sweet and pg-13 in front of her. While Farrah may think that bringing her daughter to work is a good idea because they get to spend more time together, we're not too sure Sophia enjoys spending her day meeting grownup strangers who are fans of her mom.

9 Sophia Gets A Lot Of Money From Mom

Okay, this is a something that caused a lot of debate on whether this sort of thing is bad for a child. Farrah is known to give Sophia a lot of money, and while it's not a secret that most celebrity parents make sure their child has everything they want, it is still somewhat weird to see a nine-year-old hold a bunch of money she just got from her mom 'cause her tooth fell out. Maybe putting that money into a savings account for Sophia would have been better.

8 And Does Photo Shoots Regularly

Another thing that makes Sophia's childhood so much different from her mom's (and most regular children as well), is the fact that Sophia often does photo shoots, ever since she was a baby. She may be a natural in front of the camera at this point, but does a child really need to do photo shoots all the time? Does she even enjoy doing them? Or are they all her mom's idea? Let's just hope that if Sophia doesn't want to do them anymore she will tell Farrah, and hopefully, Farrah will be okay with that.

7 Which Are Often Controversial

As you could've guessed it, there had to be something more about those Sophia photo shoots. Yes, leave it up to Farrah to cause a stir regarding her kid. Sophia had a few tricky photo shoots that cause some debate. Mainly because she had heavy makeup on which, according to many, absolutely isn't child appropriate. On top of the makeup, Sophia also wore a questionable outfit. It is unnecessary to even mention how everyone felt about this, and let's just hope Farrah won't make her daughter do another one of these.

6 TV Cameras Were There When Sophia Visited Her Dad's Grave

There are certain things that should just happen off camera. Except, for Sophia, they never do. She is so used to it that she probably doesn't even question it, but we're afraid that once she grows up she might be pretty upset with her mom for allowing certain things. Like cameras being there when little Sophia visits her dad's grave. She never got to meet him, and going to his grave should definitely be a private moment she only gets to share with whom she wants, and not the whole world.

5 Sophia's Mom Got In Trouble With The Law

Farrah Abraham has been in trouble with the law, and not just once, but on quite a few occasions. While that isn't too surprising for celebrities nowadays, it can be pretty harsh on their children. After all, Sophia is just a little kid, and she doesn't even fully understand what is going on around her. We will try not to judge Farrah because we are all human and make mistakes, but hopefully, we won't see her get into trouble with the law again.

4 And Brought Her Daughter To Court

Just when you forgive Farrah for one thing, you hear about something else. Yes, Farrah actually brought her daughter to court, just because she can. First of all, does a child need to go to court and experience all of that? And second of all, did she think the judge might be nicer to her just because she brought her daughter? Oh Farrah, how we wish we sometimes understood how your mind functions, it is truly a mystery to us. Let's just hope little Sophia wasn't too bored in there.

3 Sophia Has Social Media

Okay, fair enough, social media didn't really exist when Farrah was growing up, but her daughter having profiles on almost every popular social media platform is still a bit unusual. Especially considering that a lot of those platforms have a minimum age requirement that Sophia definitely doesn't fulfill. While it is true that kids nowadays know how to work technology perfectly, it's still very much debatable if they should be allowed to use it.

After all, the things that get uploaded onto the internet sort of stay there forever, and a nine-year-old definitely can't judge what she might regret one day.

2 And Goes To Plenty Of Red Carpets

Little Sophia gets to go to tons of different red carpet events, and honestly, she totally seems to be enjoying all of them. Are we even surprised? No, she is her mother's daughter after all, and she will probably grow up loving all the attention she gets. While there's nothing wrong with occasionally bringing your child to kid-friendly red carpet events, it is definitely quite different from what Farrah used to spend her Friday nights like as a child. But hey, as long as Sophia seems happy we have nothing to comment on.

1 Sophia Is Growing Up Too Fast

We do however get the impression that Sophia might be growing up too fast. A big part of your childhood is actually getting to be a child, which Sophia doesn't seem to get to do, between all her photo shoots, red carpet events, and reality TV appearances. But of course, she isn't the only one. Plenty of celebrity kids have to live that kind of life, but on the bright side, they also do have a lot of other opportunities normal kids don't. And this one is probably the biggest difference between Sophia's and Farrah's childhood.

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