'Sesame Street' Character Appears To Curse On Live TV

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There's nothing like some good, wholesome television programming for kids, right? Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger, Vampirina - all great! But the original kids' show that will forever live in our hearts (and probably will never go off the air) is, of course, Sesame Street. That show has been around since we were kids, and we all grew up watching our favorite puppets live their lives on the block. We've grown up with the characters like Elmo and Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. We've been introduced to new characters that represent the world we live in, like Lily, a muppet who's experiencing homelessness, and Julia, the first character on the show with autism. It's such a perfect show for kids, there's no reason to ever be concerned that your little ones are picking up bad habits from it ... right? Well, we guess it depends on what you heard when Grover allegedly dropped the f-bomb during an episode. This is actually HILARIOUS.

Now, Grover is a VERY excitable muppet. He has grandiose ideas and always seems to be getting into some sort of shenanigans. But he's a muppet! He's a sweetheart. A sweetheart who can curse a blue streak, apparently. During a recent episode of the show, Grover is talking to another character off-screen when he says something that sounds a lot like ... well, have a listen.

Did you hear it?! We will admit that we 100% heard the f-word the very first time we listened. And pretty much every single time we've listened to it since. Grover appears to say, "That's a f*cking excellent idea!" Which to be honest, sort of sounds like something Grover would say? He gets super excited you guys. It's bound to slip out every once in a while. But some people heard a very different, and much more innocent, phrase.

And OK, once we read that, it certainly does sound like he's saying "that sounds like an excellent idea" and not, you know, the other one. But, it's really hard to tell. And if we'd heard this as it played on TV, we probably would have stopped and cocked our head at the TV like, did we really just hear that?? It's the new Yanny vs Laurel, but way less kid-friendly. So what did you hear? Completely innocent phrase? Or Grover dropping the f-bomb on Sesame Street?

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