L’Oreal And Vogue Declare Grey Hair The Hottest Shade Of The Year

grey hair

For those moms who are finding little strands of grey hair here and there, they don’t have to run to their nearest hair salon for a cover up anymore. That’s because some of the leading hairdressers and fashionistas in the world have declared the color grey as the hottest shade of the year. A lot of people are not only taking pride in their grey hairs but also letting their silver shine through so much so that even younger people are now coloring their hair to achieve the same look.

Popular social media site Pinterest even says that the color grey has become so popular that searches for the color have increased by 879 percent in the last year alone. And now both L'Oreal and Vogue have declared grey the hottest shade of the year.

According to a press release, Orrea Light, vice president of L’Oreal global marketing product development and beauty innovation, says that it’s the hottest shade of the year. Although it’s taken years for people to realize just how great the color grey is, it looks like the shade is here to stay.

Light said, “Not only has silver hair been a top color trend on the runways and it is the 'it' color for women of all ages, we love what the color stands for - it symbolizes charisma, ethereal energy, power, focus and it is beyond chic.”

L’Oreal is also allowing their customers to try a new shade of grey in the comforts of their home by adding three new silver shades to their top collection - Superior Preference, Feria, and Colorista Makeup. This includes:

  • FERIA SMOKEY SILVER: This color is mixed with a multi-faceted icy silver and a deep smokey undertone. The final result creates a fun, edgy and metallic shade of silver that both men and women will love.
  • SUPERIOR PREFERENCE SOFT SILVER BLONDE: Fans can mix the classic blonde shade with a touch of grey for Soft Silver Blonde. The color is a mix of warm blonde and delicate cool silver tones for those who want to achieve a more sophisticated, evening look.
  • COLORISTA HAIR MAKEUP SILVER BLUE: This trendsetting and stylish shade is a gentle gel-cream It's mixed with icy silver makeup pigments that turns out into a beautiful grey-blue color.

Hairdressers from all over the country are willing and ready to give customers the shades of grey they both want and need, from blonde-grey to blue-violet grey and everything else in between.

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