Hugh Jackman Dishes On The 'Greatest Showman' Sequel

When anyone mentions the movie The Greatest Showman, it's almost an automatic that someone burst out in song. The feel good movie, starring Hugh Jackman, has everyone not only buying the film (because they wanted to watch it over and over and over), but downloading the soundtrack, too. It brought families together and was even playing in school classrooms. The movie was a true winner and one that bought families together instead of dividing them between watching a kid movie or an adult movie.

Since it's release, so many people have been yearning for a sequel. And how could we not? We want more of the dancing, costumes, and of course, Jackman. We're hoping it's not too good to be true, but Jackman was recently chatting with the BBC Radio 2 and just might have spilled the beans on something magical in the works.

Our favorite Australian actor was speaking to  the radio show as he was promoting his new film called  Missing Link, when questions (of course) arose about The Greatest Showman from host Steve Wright.

Jackman's response was a sort of indirect one, saying "The real answer is 'could be', I'm not sure. I'm being completely honest with you, there is talk of something going around but no one is really sure. I think right now there's more emphasis being put on what will happen with... 'I was doing my show, will there be another live version'. No one is really sure right now, so that's the honest truth."

So. Many. Questions.

He went on to discuss that if there was something being worked on that he would like to be a part of it, however, he wasn't sure if the film would even be centered around his character.

Despite doubts about the original film, which Jackman revealed that had some backers withdrawing their money, racked in $435 million worldwide. Not a small sum of money at all.

The director of the original film, Michael Gracey, spoke to The Sun and shared that the process of a second film has been initiated because of the huge success and demand from fans. "So those discussions have started and we are working on one right now," he said.

Time to get excited!

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