10 Ideas For a Moms' Night Out

Every mom deserves a bit of rest and relaxation now and then, and it’s often tough to accomplish that at home. This is why moms should enjoy a mom’s night out every now and then. Whether you're going solo for a quiet evening at the spa or going out with a group of girlfriends (or other local moms), parents need time to themselves after weeks (or even months!) of putting everyone else first.

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Even just a few hours away can help recharge mom’s batteries, so she’s ready once again to tackle her usually hectic and busy life. So, what to do on mom’s night out? Here are some great suggestions, from exciting and exhilarating activities to relaxing and rejuvenating experiences.

10 Visit a Salon or Spa

Treat yourself to an evening of pampering at a high-end salon or spa, where you can sit and relax while you get a massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut, or all of the above. Book it with girlfriends or go on your own to enjoy some luxury and serenity.

Sip on champagne, put your smartphone away, and simply do nothing. Flip through a magazine, take a short nap, chill in a hot tub or steam room – whatever you fancy! Even if it’s just a few hours away from the family, it will be a few hours of true bliss.

9 Go For Dinner With Friends

Arrange to meet a few girlfriends at a local hotspot or a super expensive restaurant (why not?) and go all out with a meal you wouldn’t normally get while out with the family. Take your time. Start off with a few martinis, then savour some shared appetizers the kids wouldn’t touch.

Continue on to a full meal, and don’t forget the cherry on top: an indulgent dessert. End off the evening with cappuccinos and conversation. It might just be what the doctor ordered to reset and refresh so you’re ready to tackle family obligations again the next morning.

8 See A Live Show

Check out what’s playing in your area and book tickets to see a live show with friends, or just go solo. Choose something you’d never be able to watch with the kids, or a show you know your significant other wouldn’t be interested in. If you go with girlfriends, check out a show for or about women, a live comedy act, musical, play, or even the ballet.

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Or just randomly pick something that is completely out of your comfort zone and go for it. Live shows not for you? Just hit the local theatre and check out that new rom-com or R-rated action movie you’ve been dying to see.

7 Go To An Amusement Park

You’ve probably visited amusement parks countless times with the kids, huffing and puffing along as you cart them from kiddie ride to kiddie ride, making endless bathroom breaks, and listening to their whining about being hungry, tired, or bored. Take your night out and go hit some rides with your girlfriends instead.

Get the adrenaline of going on the “big kid” rides, eat all the cotton candy and funnel cake you want without having to share, and toss balls into bins to try and win a stuffed animal (that you’ll give to your child, of course). It’ll be an entirely different experience and might just make you feel like a kid again.

6 Go Dancing

When was the last time you went dancing? Find a local pub, bar, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, night club, and grab your girlfriends for a night of let loose dancing. Put on a cute dress and those heels you haven’t worn in years – or wear your comfortable flats. No one’s judging!

Then, bust a move on the dance floor and show everyone how it’s done. It might sound exhausting, but once you arrive and get into it, you’ll be glad to have gone all out, even if for just one night.

5 Take a Fun Class

There are tons of fun and unique classes you can take nowadays to learn something new or practice a hobby. There are drink and paint nights where you sip on wine while painting a themed picture with an instructor, or lessons for things like archery and axe throwing, pole dancing, pottery making, cooking, baking, and exercising.

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Search for something in your area and sign up. You’ll get a night to yourself, might be able to meet new friends (perhaps other moms on their own night out, too!), and potentially learn a new skill or realize a hidden talent.

4 Go To A Themed Bar

Find an interesting themed bar where you and your girlfriends can dress up for the occasion and enjoy some drinks, snacks, great conversation, and maybe even some dancing.

It might be a venue themed to a television show or movie you all love (or that’s celebrating a themed night like the 1980s or 1990s), or a country bar where you can try your hand at line dancing. There are even ice bars where you can don parkas and hats and sit on seats made of ice, sipping mixed drinks out of ice glasses!

3 Go To A Music Concert

Chances are that someone is playing somewhere nearby. Whether it’s a popular musician for whom you’ve booked tickets way in advance, or a small comedy act or local artist, check out a music concert where you can sit back (or get up) and enjoy favourite tunes, or hear some new ones.

Search in advance for a group you and your girlfriends all like, such as a nostalgic band doing a reunion tour, and get tickets so you all have plenty of time to arrange babysitting (or warn your partners that they’ll be staying in with the kids for the night).

2 See A Sporting Event

If you and/or your girlfriends are into a particular sport, be it hockey, football, basketball, soccer, or anything of the sort, grab tickets to watch the night’s hometown game. Don your team’s jersey, a baseball cap, runners, and jeans, and gorge on hot dogs, nachos, ice cream bars, and beer as you cheer for your team to take home the win.

Follow it up with some after-game drinks at the local bar (hopefully in celebration of your team’s victory), before heading back home all tuckered out for the night.

1 Book A Hotel

Splurge on a hotel room for you and a girlfriend (or 2 or 3), especially if you all live far enough outside of the city, or far away from one another.

Go for a night out on the town, or simply stay in the hotel room, grab a few bottles of wine or hot tea, order room service and pay-per-view chick flicks, and chat about life, work, and the kids, let off some steam, vent about what’s bugging you, and just generally be there for one another. No-one has to worry about driving home at the end of the night. It’s an adult version of a pajama party, no pillow fights or scary ghost stories needed!

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