Grandma Who Accidentally Invited A Stranger To Her Thanksgiving Dinner Still Celebrates 4 Years Later

A grandmother who accidentally invited a stranger to her Thanksgiving dinner still celebrates together after four years. Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton met again for the fourth year in-a-row to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

In 2016, Wanda, who lives in Arizona, sent a text message to her 24-year-old grandson, inviting him for dinner. She was not aware, of the fact, that he had changed his phone number. Instead, her message went to Jamal who found it confusing, as it was unexpected. The, then, high school student asked Wanda to send a picture while he sent her his photo. With the exchange, they definitely were aware that this was unintentional. Nonetheless, Hinton went on to ask if he could still attend the dinner, to which Dench readily agreed. She kindly added, that feeding everyone is what grandmas do best.

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People reports that Hinton described the 62-year-old woman, as sweet, and said the unexpected encounter showed him that there are still some good people in the world. He also attributed it to the positive impact of technology. Jamal added on Good Morning America that he enjoyed, and still enjoys, spending time with Dench, as she is a good person. According to NBC Nightly News, Wanda said that she clicked immediately with Jamal after their first meeting and wanted to get to know him more.

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Dench describes family as a group of people who are even more than blood-related. They are people with whom a person wants to spend time. ABC News revealed, that Wanda's father served in the Navy and the experience helped her to get comfortable with strangers, since they had moved and traveled a lot. Dench explained to Hinton, upon their first meeting, that she was comfortable having many people around, since she always invited and hosted dinner for friends of her Army veteran husband. Growing up in the military and having a veteran husband, shaped Wanda into a person who does not view strangers as strangers. Her welcoming nature enabled the then-17-year-old, to feel comfortable and at home despite the unplanned nature of their encounter.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of family and an expression of gratitude for the blessings that people have in their lives. Wanda and Jamal show that family is more than relatives. The coincidence which led them to meet, fostered their growing friendship. Their story reminds us that there are still good and kind people, who will welcome strangers warmly, regardless of a planned encounter.

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