Parents Can Now Monitor Their Teens With GPS Ankle Bracelets?

GPS monitoring teen

If you've ever wished you could put a tracking device on your teen, so you know exactly where they are at all times because they got smart enough to turn the 'find your iPhone' feature off, this may just be the product you're looking for!

Frank Kopczynski, the owner of Tampa Bay Monitoring, told Fox 13 that he has recently created a GPS monitoring device for teens that will allow parents to know where their kids are at all times. Kopczynski told the news agency that he created the product after one woman came to him complaining that her daughter was constantly running away.

He says his clients are desperate parents who want to keep their kids from getting into more trouble than they've already found themselves in. He said that his customers are parents who are worried about the crowd their teens are hanging out with or worried their teens are doing drugs or may run away.

"I average a half a dozen a week all over the country because they see this ad, and they’re desperate,” said Kopczynski.

The cost of the GPS ankle monitor bracelet ranges from $8 to $10 a day and tracks the wearer wherever they are. There's even a monitor that can call the wearer if needed, which Kopczynski says can also work as a deterrent to bad behavior itself.

“All his friends who are likely to be getting him into trouble suddenly realize that his ankle can talk to him, and it also can hear him,” said Kopczynski.

“We offer a variety of options for parents whether they are simply looking out for their teen's overall safety or concerned for the teen that may be sneaking out of the house at night or at risk of running away,” the company states in a sales video about the GPS monitoring service. “Since a court order is not required, parents are increasingly turning to GPS monitoring to deter their children’s risky behavior.”

While Kopczynski suggests his GPS bracelets for parents of teens who may be headed down the wrong path, he does admit that there are other parents out there using them as a way to simply control their child. He told Quartz that sometimes he gets a “paranoid parent, and all they want to do is control this kid from the time he wakes up through every minute of the day, and I can kind of recognize that we’re now getting into an area that I don’t want to be in.”

GPS trackers are nothing new for parents worried about their children and their safety. There is a long list of different apps and trackers available that parents of younger children typically use to ensure they make it to and from school safely, or so they know where they are when not at home. This GPS tracker seems to be marketed to parents who are having issues with their teen and feel like they have no other choice.

For some teens, the tracker seems to be the deterrent it was meant to be. One unidentified 17-year-old told Fox 13 that wearing a tracker definitely made him clean up his act. “I was stealing cars. I was breaking into houses, so I had one on. I didn’t like it. So I wouldn’t want no one else to wear it,” he said.

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