Have You And The Kids Played The Googly Eyes Game Yet?

You may have seen it- the incredibly laughable photo of the Nathanael Greene monument in Savannah, Georgia with, well, googly eyes. The city posted a photo to their page, saying that although it may appear funny, it's actually a crime. They were looking for the culprit, and the photo ended up going viral.

Who did this?! Someone placed googly eyes on our historic #NathanaelGreene statue in #JohnsonSquare. It may look funny...

Posted by City of Savannah Government on Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Googly Eye Viral Trend

Well, turns out the statue in Savannah isn't the only case of something getting the Googly Eyes treatment. There seems to be a bit of a viral "trend" of people putting googly eyes over the eyes of ordinary everyday things, with hilarious results. This is not just reserved for statues, but also books, posters, pretty much anything with a regular set of eyes to cover up.

The purpose seems to be simply comedy. For some reason, the addition of googly eyes over top of regular eyes in photos, statues, or even on real things is instantly hilarious. Even adding them to inanimate objects is a mood-booster, and guaranteed to bring a giggle or two.

In 2018, there was a statement released by the Alexandria-Monroe Public Library in Indiana urging people to stop putting googly eyes on their book covers. Apparently this damages the books, however their pleas probably did more harm than good since they were accompanies by an unintentionally hilarious photo.

We’d like to remind patrons to not attach googley eyes to books. It can cause damage to the cover and in this case haunt our nightmares for all eternity. Thank you.

Posted by Alexandria-Monroe Public Library on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Another post on Reddit in the r/MildlyVandalised sub, showed a Red Dead Redemption poster with Googly eyes as well. Lived up to the hype 100%, legitimately funny.

But in perhaps one of the strangest examples of guerrilla googly eyes was this case of a grocer in Kuwait that got caught using googly eyes on dead fish to make them look fresher. What? Ethical- no. Hilarious? A resounding yes.

Sometimes this viral trend is referred to as "eyebombing". Literally, just taking googly eyes and plastering them all over the world. Laughs ensue.

There's even a Tumblr for posting your eyebombing results, and a corresponding SubReddit.

Now, this viral "game" is not to be confused with the actual Googly Eyes game, which also exists. The Googly Eyes board game is a family game where you must draw a picture while wearing googly goggles to distort your vision. This game does sound fun, but is it "googly-eyed statue" fun? I think not so much.

googly eyes
Credit: iStock

The Googly Eye Viral Trend is pretty much just for the LOLs.

There is really no purpose except for laughter, and of that there is no shortage. With laughter, comes joy, so in a way this helps to make the world a little bit better. Some days are rough, and a laugh can be incredibly therapeutic. So bring on the googly eyes, just be responsible, and try not to damage any property in the process.

How to play the Googly Eye Trend

If you want to play along, all you need is to stop at the craft store and grab yourself some googly eyes. Bonus points for the ones that have a self-stick back so that you can stick easily.

So, have you and the kids played the googly eye game yet?

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