10 Things Your Google Home Can Do That Will Keep Your Kid Entertained For Hours

Technology has come pretty far over the last few decades. A long time ago, electronic items that spoke to people seemed unrealistic. These days, lots of people have electronics that are capable of doing that. These products also listen to what people say as well.

Google Home is one of them, and it can actually do a lot of awesome things that would have seemed a bit unrealistic to most people years ago. Those who own one can listen to podcasts and radio stations on it, and they can also use it to control televisions.

There are lots of things kids can do with it as well. Here are some ways Google Home can keep the little ones entertained.

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10 It Can Play Sounds

Google Home can keep kids entertained for a little while by playing recordings of funny noises. This is a great way to keep children occupied for a little while, but it is actually a great way for them to learn as well.

Older kids will probably only find this useful because they might find it a bit funny. Younger children are likely to find it humorous as well, but they can also use it to help themselves memorize what sounds some animals make. Memorizing the sounds an animal makes helps a child gain stronger language, communication, and reading skills.

9 This Or That Is Kid-Friendly

Anyone who has ever wished there was a kid-friendly version of the game Would You Rather should check out This or That since it is very similar. The two games are so alike that anyone who wants to play This or That can command Google to play Would You Rather.

This game is fun for people of all ages, but kids will probably enjoy it the most. Players will be asked to choose between two humorous scenarios, just like the more mature version of this game, but the biggest difference is that everything mentioned in this one will always be appropriate for children.

8 Kids Can Have Fun Asking It To Play Certain Songs

Children usually have lots of songs they enjoy hearing, and Google Home can entertain them for hours on end by playing some of their favorite tunes. This is also something adults can do as well, so it is great for people of all ages.

Parents, in particular, will probably like this cool feature, since their kids are likely to get lots of entertainment out of it. While the kids are having fun jamming out to their favorite tunes, their parents can either have a bit of time to themselves, or they can use that time to run errands or get things done around the house.

7 Google Home Can Tell Them What Their Inner Animal Is

Kids love animals, so they will probably enjoy using Google Home to find out what their inner animal is. This game also involves a fun little personality quiz as well. Once the game begins, the player has to take the quiz. When that part is over, they get their results, which means they find out what their inner animal is.

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This game will likely cause its young players lots of fun and laughter, so parents will probably be just as entertained by it as their children are. If players get an animal they have never heard of, parents can use that opportunity to teach them about that animal, which means this game can also help kids learn.

6 Sound Pet Is Similar To The Tamagotchi

Google Home can provide children with an imaginary pet if they choose to play Sound Pet. This particular game has not been around for very long, but the concept of it is nothing new to people who grew up in the 1990’s, since it very similar to Tamagotchi, which used to be a very popular toy.

Players have to adopt an imaginary pet, which means they basically have to do everything they would do with a real pet. They can play lots of games with their pet, and they can also just spend time with it in general. This is a great game for all children, but especially those who wish to have a pet of their own.

5 Ding Dong Coconut Is Educational

Google Home can help children learn more about sounds and words when they play the game Ding Dong Coconut. This is also a pretty awesome game that tests memory.

Ding Dong Coconut is a game that is aimed at families, but children are probably the ones who will benefit from it the most since it teaches them to associate certain sounds with different words. This game is lots of fun, but it is also very useful since children who play it will probably walk away with awesome language skills.

During every round of the game, players are given a new sound and word. The goal of it is to see how far players can get.

4 Imaginary Tic-Tac-Toe Encourages Kids To Use Their Imagination

Google Home provides children with games that allow them to use their imaginations, such as Imaginary Tic-Tac-Toe. The original version of the game is something lots of little ones seem to enjoy, so they will probably like this one a lot as well.

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Usually, there is little to no imagination used in this game, but those who play the Google Home version have to rely solely on their imaginations. The only other thing they are allowed to use is their voice.

Imaginary Tic-Tac-Toe is more than just a fun activity. This game can actually help players sharpen their concentration skills.

3 It Can Tell Them A Story

Google Home is capable of telling children stories, which is awesome since stories are a pretty big part of childhood. They just need to say “okay, Google: Tell me a story,” and they will then be treated to some kid-friendly fictional tales, including a short version of the classic story Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

This Google Home feature is really useful, considering the fact that kids find it entertaining, and it can also introduce them to new ideas and concepts they were not familiar with before. Fictional stories also expand a child’s vocabulary, since it exposes them to words they might not have already known about.

2 Freeze Dance Is Always Fun

Google Home provides children with a couple of games that allow them to bust a move, since kids like to dance a lot. One of those games is called Freeze Dance, and the goal is to be the last person left standing at the end of the game.

Players get to do some really wacky dancing, which is why children will have a blast playing Freeze Dance. If that is not their thing, they can also play the classic game Musical Chairs, which is also very fun. This is a great way for kids to have lots of fun and burn a bunch of energy at the same time.

1 Google Home Can Provide Interactive Adventures

Kids who love interactive adventures will surely be very entertained by Jungle Adventure, which requires lots of imagination, as well as a great sense of adventure. In this game, players pretend that they are searching for a lost temple.

During their journey, players will become the star of a thrilling and suspenseful story. They pretend as though they are exploring caves and climbing trees, and whether or not they find the temple depends on the decisions they make throughout the game.

Part of what makes it fun is that it is not always the same. Surprises can happen, and those who play it more than once will find that there are multiple endings.

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