Google Gives First-Grader $30K Scholarship For Her Adorable Drawing

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Most of us know Google as that handy search engine that often sports funny and quirky  doodles on its home page suited for any and every occasion. Soon, the doodle created by Sarah Gomez-Lane, a first-grader from Falls Church, Virginia will appear on Google's home page.

Not only did Gomez-Lane win the Doodle 4 Google award that will feature her doodle on Google's home page, but she also won $30K towards a college scholarship, and her elementary school in Falls Church, VA, will receive $50,000 to spend on technology. What an incredible prize for recognizing a child's creativity.

The Doodle 4 Google awards are in its 10th year, and this last year students were asked to draw something that inspired them. Gomez-Lane's doodle was titled 'Dino Doodle' and illustrated the smart and talented first grader's love of dinosaurs.

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Gomez-Lane says she her doodle was about dinosaurs because one day she hopes to become a paleontologist. The first grader's doodle spelled out the Google logo using different dinosaurs, a dinosaur egg and a shovel.

Credit: Google / Sarah Gomez-Lane 

"The things on my Doodle are my favorite dinosaurs. Dinosaurs inspire me to study more to be a paleontologist. The shovel is for my future job!"

The contest was announced in January and Google received over 180,000 submissions from children across all 53 states and territories. Gomez-Lane was named the finalist in the K-3 category amongst four other finalists. She was the youngest of all finalists and eventually named winner.

Not only will Gomez-Lane's artwork be used on the Google homepage, but for the first time since the Doodle 4 Google contest began, she'll be able to work alongside the Doodle team to help 'bring her artwork to life.' Her dinosaur themed Doodle will become an animated, interactive Doodle.

The youngster told Google she was "surprised" to even be named a finalist in the contest, but had some advice to other kids who are thinking of entering the Doodle 4 Google contest in the future. “Try your best and have fun!”

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