This Book Might Be The New 'Good Night Moon'

goodnight goodnight construction site

For those parents who are still struggling to find a good bedtime story that will help put your child to bed at night, we’ve got good news for you. There’s a new book that many parents swear are putting their children to sleep and in record time, too. And that’s not because it’s utterly boring. Instead, it’s because many are calling it the new Goodnight Moon. Called Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, the book is taking the toddler literary world by storm.

According to Good Housekeeping, parents can’t stop raving about the book. Even though it was released back in 2011, the book’s reviews have just gone viral in recent months. As a matter of fact, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site has over 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and also debuted at number one on the New York Times Best Sellers List. It might seem like a simple book, but at the end of the day it's a book that gets the job done: it puts most kids to sleep almost instantly.

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Many parents say that the book makes their children want to turn their little engines off, rest their wheels and drift to sleep with this very sweet and soothing story. Written by author Sherri Duskey Rinker, it’s fast become a bedtime favorite because of its vibrant illustrations and gentle rhyming text, which will make kids everywhere feel sleepy without boring their parents.

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Some of the positive reviews include, “This is such a will written kids book. My son is 8 months old and I read this to him before bed. He loves the pictures and really pays attention which is rare for him.”

Another reviewer wrote, “My 2-year-old nephew loves this book! He is obsessed with trucks, so its a great bedtime story for him. Sometimes he makes you read it to him twice! The board book format is great, since he tries to put almost everything in his mouth.”

And while a lot of parents can’t stop raving about the book, some have shared their complaints, too. One parent pointed out that his daughter loves the book, but has noticed that there aren’t any female construction equipment characters – that’s because all of them are male. Other than that, it’s become a staple in many home libraries.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site can be purchased on Amazon for $5.79. Luckily, the author has just expanded the series with four more books that parents can add to their nightly rotation. In other words, you’ll have a guaranteed, if not easier time to get your kids to sleep each night.

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