10 Good Homework Habits You Can Teach Kids Early

Of course there are definitely kids who don't mind doing homework and even kind of like it... but for the most part, we don't associate "homework" with "fun." Everyone would much rather go outside and play, go to sports practice, or watch some TV than sit down and complete a set of Math problems or study for a history test.

But homework is an important part of getting an education, and moms need to encourage their little ones to learn the best habits so they can continue to learn and thrive.

Here are 10 good homework habits that you can teach kids early.

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10 Make A Schedule

Making a schedule is a great homework habit to teach kids, and thankfully, this can be put into place even when kids are in elementary school. Moms can make it a fun project and buy some colorful markers and school supplies.

Once kids have an idea of how they're going to get everything done, they won't feel worried or stressed. We all have to create schedules and routines for ourselves as we get older and move through school and then work, so it's great to figure this out at a young age.

9 Break It Down

When we have a big work project, we tend to break it down into smaller sections so we can get it down much easier. Moms can teach their kids the same thing.

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This is another awesome homework habit to get into since kids will start seeing homework as something that they can handle, no problem, instead of something stressful. If they have a book report, for example, moms can talk to them about reading one or two chapters at a time.

8 Do The Tough Part First

There's a saying about waking up and "eating the frog" which means doing the toughest part of your job first thing. This could mean sending an email or making a phone call that you're nervous about or writing something that is going to take a while.

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Moms can teach their little ones to do what seems hardest first. It's a good lesson since it's such a huge relief once it's done and over with, and you feel good about yourself. Moms can sit down with their kids and ask what seems the hardest about their homework and then tackle it.

7 Don't Procrastinate

Of the 10 homework habits that moms can teach their kids early, learning not to procrastinate is a really big, important one. Everyone has procrastinated at one point or another, and some people have a really huge issue with this.

But putting things off just means that you run out of time to complete them properly. Sometimes you even feel nervous about finishing the assignment and wonder if you can even do it. Moms can talk to their kids about the joy and pride that goes into a job well done.

6 Work Ahead

Getting ahead of deadlines and due dates is a great lesson to teach kids. Honestly, we could all stand to do this a lot more often. When we get older and go to work, we have deadlines, and meeting them is really crucial.

If kids can get into the habit of working on homework ahead and making sure that it's done a few days before it's due (if possible), that's great. It will set them up for future success (and they'll have more time to play and do the things that they love).

5 Do Your Homework On Friday So You Can Enjoy The Weekend

The last thing that kids want to do is wait to do their homework until late Sunday afternoon. Suddenly it's 5:30 and they still have so much to get done before the next morning. Talk about stress.

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Moms can instill better homework habits in their kids by encouraging them to come home on Friday afternoon and get a head start on their work. Sure, maybe they can't get everything done in a few hours, but they can at least make enough of a dent so they can still enjoy a great weekend.

4 Go The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is a homework habit that moms can teach their kids early, and it will be so helpful throughout their whole lives.

Putting some extra time and effort into homework is always going to go over well. Adding a bit more detail to an essay, writing more (if the word count has some wiggle room), or even taking on an extra credit assignment are all solid ideas.

Sure, it takes a bit more time to do some extra work, but not only will your kid get a better grade, but they will learn to take pride in what they do.

3 Make Sure You Understand The Assignment

There's nothing worse than getting home from school, sitting down to work on your assignment, and realizing that you're confused about what's expected of you. We've definitely all been there, and this happens in elementary school, junior high, high school, college, and even grad school.

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When it comes to homework habits that moms want to help their kids with, they can tell them to make sure that they understand the assignment. Double checking with a teacher is always a good idea (but asking another student might not always get the right answer).

2 Ask For Help

Moms can also teach their kids that asking for help is totally fine. If a kid isn't sure about how to organize an essay, for example, or if they're struggling in a certain subject (such as Math, Science, or English), it's a good idea to talk to their teacher.

Moms can also bring up hiring a tutor, whether through a service or if they know a teenager or college student who has the knowledge and expertise. There is nothing wrong with getting some help, and it's great for kids to learn this lesson early.

1 Always Check Your Work

The final homework habit that moms can teach their little ones is to always check their work. Proofreading is so important and it's a skill that you'll need as you go to college, grad school, and/or start working. Moms can tell their children that it's always smart to look over something before handing it in. It's good to catch spelling and other grammatical errors and also make sure that you followed the instructions properly.

Armed with these 10 good homework habits, kids will see homework as something positive that they can tackle.

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