Parenting Trends: 5 We Love (& 5 That Hate)

It seems that there are always new parenting trends on the rise. Some have been really great, and others have been pretty terrible. But on the other hand, some of them have just been outright strange.

In the 1910’s, expectant moms actually thought that if they had unfortunate thoughts, they would have an ugly baby. So in order to have beautiful kids, they tried their hardest to think about nice, positive things that were not ugly.

During the 1930’s, some moms were convinced that they should start potty-training their children as soon as they came out of the womb. People that were alive then also thought pregnant women were risking the health of their baby when they traveled in cars. Here are some great parenting trends, as well as terrible ones, that exist today.

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10 Love: Learning To Do Things Yourself

Parents are all about learning to do things themselves these days, which is pretty cool. They love to DIY everything from the clothes their kids wear to the decorations they have their bedrooms and nursery rooms.

There are lots of things parents can create that are actually able to make life a bit easier for them. A meal planning board is a great idea, since it can make things a bit easier for families. One of the best parts about this is the fact that it is really easy and fun to make, and it can fit whatever theme is in the kitchen.

9 Hate: Keep Kids Inside

Parents like to keep their kids safe, so sometimes, they keep them from playing outside, which is not really a great idea. It is easy to understand why some people do not want their little ones to go out and play.

There are lots of dangers that can be found outside. But kids actually can benefit from going out of the house to play once in a while. Kids who grow up this way might not ever think that anything is worth a big risk, which is not true. Playing outside is often something kids really enjoy, when they are allowed to do it.

8 Love: Home Remedies

Home remedies are actually a pretty great thing for parents to use, and it definitely seem like lots of people are trying many of them out. Some of them do not work, but others do, and finding out which ones are actually beneficial is definitely worth a shot.

There are obviously times when kids need certain medications, and during those times, they should definitely get it. But a lot of issues kids face can actually be taken care of by something that is already in the house. Anyone who has ever visited the doctor knows that even they do not always jump to prescribing medication.

7 Hate: Being Controlling Parents

There are lots of parents out there who believe that being controlling is the best thing to do as far as their relationship with their children goes, but this can actually be more harmful than it is beneficial. Those who aim to control every aspect of their childs’ life can cause years of psychological trouble for their little ones, so it is important that parents try to avoid this kind of parenting.

Children do not benefit from this kind of thing at all. One of the most interesting facts about this parenting trend is that the children raised in this kind of parent-child relationship will probably have trouble making their own decisions when they grow up.

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6 Love: Paid Paternity Leave

Until recently, fathers did not get to take paid time off after their wives gave birth to their children, but there have been some awesome changes in that department lately. There are some companies that have been letting men get paid time off when their babies are born so that they can help their wives take care of the new addition to their family.

Raising kids is hard, and taking care of a newborn is really difficult. But doing it alone makes it even more difficult, yet there are many women who have to do that because their spouses or boyfriends can’t take time off from work.

5 Hate: Unhealthy Eating Habits

Lots of parents end up giving their little ones unhealthy food for different reasons, but that is not a good thing. Some of them do it simply because they do not have the time to cook healthy meals, which is not that bad if it only happens occasionally.

But there are people who give their children unhealthy food more often, and sometimes it is because the child asks for it, and the parent is too tired to put up much of a fight over it. Parents have to remain strong during times like that, because certain foods can have terrible affects on the human body.

4 Love: Keeping Tabs On The Kids

A parent should always know what their children are up to, so the fact that there are apps that allow parents to know what their kids are doing on the internet these days is awesome. Parents should always give their children trust, as well as privacy, but they still need to keep on eye on whether or not their kids are talking to people that they should not be talking to.

One of the best apps for parents who are looking to keep tabs on what their kids are up to while they are away is ReplyASAP. If a child does not respond to their parents’ text messages, all of their other apps will be frozen until they reply.

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3 Hate: Restricting Them

Restricted parenting is sometimes referred to as Authoritarian Parenting, and it is not good for anyone. This parenting style is incredibly strict and unhealthy. Kids who are raised by parents like this seem as though they are very likely to have trouble when it comes to being independent when they get older.

Children who are raised by parents who restrict them will probably have a huge fear of failure, since those people usually tell them what to do and say in every aspect of their lives. They also tend to choose their prospective careers for them, which is part of what is so dangerous about this kind of parenting trend.

2 Love: Parenting That Allows The Child To Lead

Child-lead parenting is a very interesting parenting method, and if it is done right, it can be really good for everyone all around. When parents use this method to raise their little ones, they show their children that they, too, have a voice.

These parents tend to teach their children that their voices matter, especially when it comes to their own lives. This parenting trend allows parents to be authority figures, but it also allows the child to have some freedom and independence. Kids who grow up this way are usually very good at making their own decisions, and knowing what they want.

1 Hate: Parents Who Choose To Be Their Childs’ Friend

Parents who are desperate to get the approval of their child, as well as their childs’ friends, will likely try to be their childs’ friend instead of being their parent, which does not usually end well. Kids who have parents like this may end up thinking that they are the boss of their parents, which will make it hard for the parent to give them any useful guidance.

Kids need parents, so they do not get any benefits out of this scenario. Parents who try to be a friend to their children basically give up the chance to be seen as anything other than that in the future.

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