Parents Furious After Daughters Were 'Shamed' For Wearing Tank Tops At School

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School dress codes can often take things a little too far. Families in Illinois have felt the brunt of this, when a dozen high school students were allegedly shamed for wearing tank tops. Parents claim that their daughters were told by administration at Glenbard East High School that they were violating the school's dress code policy by wearing tank tops. One of the students, Chloe Lynch, told the media that she felt shamed by the way things were handled.

"I was told I should cover up because boys were looking at me," Lynch told Fox8 News. While it's apparently clear in the code that revealing clothing is considered anything that does not "adequately cover the front, back, side shoulders or midriff on males and females", the families of those effected say this is the first time the rule has ever been enforced.

One parent states that the students felt sexualized as a result, and in some cases were given bright orange t-shirts to wear for the rest of the day. The school has been quick to rebuff accusations of inequality or unfairness, issuing a statement that reads, "We have been made aware of the social media posts about Glenbard East and the dress code. Unfortunately, the information relayed was not entirely accurate. The post has since been suspended." The school goes on to say that their only concern is to maintain a "safe and productive learning environment."

While the situation at Glenbard currently remains unresolved, it's not the first incident to arise in recent months. In April, Moms.com reported on a situation where a kindergartener was told to change her outfit when her mom sent her to school on a hot day wearing a summer dress. According to the teachers, the youngster's outfit was "inappropriate." The debate rages on, but the Seattle School District seems to be making positive changes by setting a general dress code across all establishments. Instead of laying down the law on skirt lengths, administrators simply ask that "private parts" remain covered. The district made the changes after receiving several complaints regarding dress codes from different schools.

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