‘Glass’ Hair Is A Major Hairstyle Trend Right Now

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It's easy to follow fashion and makeup trends, right? You just go out and buy whatever it is that's in style right now, and wear it like you know what you're doing! Sure, some of the most recent fashion and makeup trends are a bit ... odd. UGG sandals or extra long toenails, anyone? But it's like we've always said: to each their own! One area that we absolutely love trend-spotting in is hair. We try to keep up to date on the latest in hair color, cut, and style.

The tricky thing about hair trends, however, is that they don't all work on everyone. You may absolutely love the look of that jet black long mane, but if you don't have the complexion and hair texture or length to pull it off, it can be tricky! The newest hairstyle trend that all the models and celebs are rocking is something called glass hair. We have to admit, it's REALLY pretty. But again, this isn't a style that just anyone is going to be able to rock into fall and winter. We wish!

Glass hair isn't exactly as it sounds. It's not a color or anything, but a particular sharp, blunt bob that has sheen to the max. The shininess gives the hair the look of glass, hence the name! It's been spotted on celebs from Kim Kardashian to Jenna Dewan (two people, incidentally, who look good in anything).

How do they get their hair so straight and shiny?! OK, so these are probably wigs, but you CAN mimic the style at home with the right tools. A one-inch flatiron and an at-home gloss treatment can give you that sleek, shiny look that screams glass hair.

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The key is to eliminate fly-aways and add a nice sheen so your hair stays super smooth. It's not exactly rocket science, but we would not want to put that much work into our hair everyday. But for a night out or something? Absolutely!

We're really digging the blunt shiny bob known as glass hair, and we're sure we'll be seeing a ton of it going into fall and winter.

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