Cab Driver Coaches New Mom As She Gives Birth In The Back Of His Car

A Brooklyn taxi driver is being hailed for going above and beyond as he calmly and confidently encouraged a laboring mom as she gave birth in the back seat of his car! Luis Leonardo is a Brooklyn area taxi driver who had just picked up a very pregnant couple as they were on their way to the hospital. It wasn't long before the woman began to have contractions in the back seat, announcing that her baby was definitely not going to wait until they arrived at the hospital!

Leonardo told local New York news station ABC 7 that it was about eight minutes into the car ride to the hospital that the woman announced she was having severe contractions. "A call came up, went to pick them up, the female went into labor, I picked up two and dropped off three -- simple as that," Leonardo said.

The entire birth was caught on dashcam, including Leonardo acting as labor coach as the expectant mother announced that she was definitely going into labor in his back seat. "I thought she was playing in the beginning. And when she screams out, 'oh the head is in my hand,' I'm like oh she's serious in this situation," he said. While both mom and dad were clearly in shock about what was happening in the back seat, Leonardo kept his cool, encouraging the mom by saying, "honey, you got to breathe, Mami," when he knew that she was actually having a baby.

"I had to keep it Brooklyn. Keep the slant going on, you know?" he told the New York Post. "You never know what’s going to happen. Only your reaction. You just got to take care of the situation."

Leonardo, who kept glancing back to make sure the mother, father, and baby were doing well, was applauded for his positive words of encouragement during the entire ordeal. "Pull it out. Do the magic. Do the magic. Spread your legs, damn," he can be heard telling the mom during her very quick labor and delivery. "The baby’s all right, just move the legs off the seat. We’re driving. Everything is done, you got the s–t done. God bless the baby."

Even the mom was shocked when she held her newborn daughter in her arms stating "I just gave birth in the car." The father, who can be heard saying,  "I don’t know how to do this," is reassured by Leonardo who calmly states, "we’re driving. Everything is good. Clean the face. We Gucci."

Leonardo safely delivered the new family to the hospital where the baby, named Naomi, was found to be in good health. He told ABC 7 he's planning on meeting up with the family at a local block party later this summer.

It's not surprising that Leonardo was so calm during the back seat delivery because this wasn't the first time it happened to him. He had a woman deliver twin boys in his car back in 2014.

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