Mom Charged After Her Toddler Is Killed By Getting Hit By Car In Parking Lot

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A teenage mother in Texas has been charged with felony child endangerment when her son was struck and killed by a car in a parking lot. As of right now, prosecutors aren't sure if the car driver will be facing charges, too.

The sweet boy, Alan Villeda, who was only 18-months old, died right outside a Houston apartment complex on August 14th, and because of where it happened, the whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras.

The little boy's mom, Gissel Vazquez, is only 18 years old, and currently out on bail for what happened. The footage of the horrific accident shows her and her 3-year-old nephew walking quickly through an open parking lot. Alan is not yet in the frame at the beginning as he is trailing behind the two.

Then, you are able to see in the video that a nearby neighbor is exiting their apartment building, and hops into their Honda Civic. ABC13 News reports that this is the moment when Alan walks into the frame and starts to slow down as he sees the Civic start to move.

As the car backs up a bit before pulling forward, it runs over the toddler. Two minutes later, Vazquez’s nephew begins pointing towards Alan, which is when she runs over to find her son unresponsive on the pavement and begins to scream.

The charges against Vazquez are based on the facts that she allegedly acted recklessly, as she was not paying attention to the child while he was walking far behind her in an open parking lot. Her family members are pushing for the driver of the car to face charges as well, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

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